SFS – Three Reasons Why Amelia Could Win

Don’t forget, we’re live from 8pm.

As Gary said, “the public love a comeback”. Amelia really has come back, after being unfairly ditched, (along withJade incidentially!). So could the girl from Middlesbrough go all the way. Well some of the way. Can the girl from Middlesbrough go from week 6 to the final?

Versatility– We discussed that Cowell might quite like an Amelia in his portfolio yesterday. “She can sing, you know Dermot ,she ya know reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera and I really think you can go all the way in the comportitishion” . Louis clearly loves her and really wants her to do well. She has a voice that can be upbeat and rocky, but can also belt out a ballad.

Youth Vote – Could some of the appalled Perriehaters switch to Amelia? A 17 year old who hasn’t snogged the guy on their wall, she also looks a bit quirky with her pink hair (now blonde) and may appeal to teens who want to rebel a bit.

Amelia Lily Bedding – You could make a lot of money out of Amelia. She’d be very marketable to kids. You can just see her on the front cover of Bliss. Add in a clothes line or perfume and boom. Cash.

Can you tell I’m clutching at straws a bit here!?

Betsfactor CoWel% : 10% – If she makes the final, people like an underdog – she might nail it!?

Current Odds: 7.8 – I just can’t see it – it’s just not fair for her to win!!

Next: The Song choices – INSTANALYSIS.


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