SFS – Three Reasons Why Misha Could Win

The public don’t want Misha to do well. The producers (or Kelly), do.

After bullygate and week four, Misha’s treatment suddenly changed hugely. The lack of Red and Black is a good example, along with positive VT’s, plenty of opportunities for her to cry on camera and some reasonable song choices. Her odds on Betfair have almost doubled this week, she’s now at 22-1 to win. Could she do it?

Pimped – I think there’s a chance she could be helped tonight with a final slot. The producers might decide to turn on Amelia, show several VT’s showing her journey (maybe some negative things she said when she was off the show) and point out to the public how unfair it would be for her to make the final. They might also give her some duff songs no one knows and she could be in trouble. Once she gets to the final, anything could happen.

Misha’s Got Talent –  Ultimately they want a credible winner, Misha has raw talent, as well as being able to sing she can rap enough to make me think she can rap. She has the confidence that says ‘star’ and the backstory of coming from nothing to make it. She rose against all the negative press, all the backlash and just sung her way to winning. (Nah!)

Kelly loves her –  There is only one act in the competition left that Kelly backed all the way through, one person who she’s developed a relationship with. With similar personal stories, Kelly can relate to Misha’s upbringing and Kelly probably feels a sense of respoinsibility towards her.

Betsfactor  CoWel% Score:  2% – It’s just not going to happen!

Current Odds 23.0


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