Two Battles. One Fair. One Dirty.

On finals night you tend to see everyone play fair. The judges say nice things about every one and only the subtlest difference between phrases like “you desereve to be here” and “you deserve to win this” can tell you who they want to win.

After the first two performances, semi finals night seemed to be panning out much the same way. Tulisa behaved with Misha once again and everyone said positive things. Then it changed.

Suddenly the show developed into two battles:

THE BATTLE FOR THIRD. Played nicely and fairly.

The producers gave

BOTH acts a weak slot in the line up.

BOTH acts a big production number with a dozen dancers to kick off.
BOTH acts a weak second song (Misha singing Perfect in a strange arrangement and making the song about her rather than for someone else – which is how it was always intended. Amelia shouting through “I’m With You”)

BOTH acts were given the same staging on song two. – loads of blue, a few long camera shots, nice bright lights for the final chrous.

BOTH acts were given fairly positive, nice, decent VT’s.

It was almost as if the producers said, well we wanted Misha, but you two fight it out, whoever’s best on the night can survive. My hunch is they would have prefered Amelia to go, because if she wins it makes a mockery of the entire show. It also makes a mockery of the judges deciding who to put through and shows Kelly made a catastrophic error of judgement. If Amelia wins, Kelly couldn’t even spot that she would be popular with the public and ranked her FOURTH out of the girls. What an utterly useless and inept judge and what a utter waste of time. So if she wins, it will be shambolic for the show – but this year has been full of cock ups like that!

We’ll come to Amelia later in the week.

THE BATTLE TO WIN – Marcus vs Little Mix

This was much dirtier. A battle that was still up for grabs and Gary, in my opinion, clearly decided to mix it up a bit.

The plan appeared to be make them both look lovely, get them both to the final and worry about who wins next week. This week’s VT’s were over the top.

OVER THE TOP HUMILITY – Marcus was just being a lovely lovely guy – he was truly grateful for the opportunities, he pointed out he’d come from humble beginnings, he smiled a lot, his gentle scouse accent endearing, pointing out how fortunate he was.

OVER THE TOP FRIENDSHIP – Little Mix had “You’ve got each other and that’s what matters.” “Thank god this process happened or I would never have met these girls and been given the gift of their love” etc. etc. A few tears from jesy every now and again (spot on Jesy), and it should have been all plain sailing.

When you have “two song” shows it’s perfectly acceptable for judges to slate one of the songs of a favourite. They need to to make good TV, to keep it interesting and also so that when they do say how incredible something was, we believe them because they slagged something off earlier. So Gary was quite within his rights, in the unspoken TV rules, to slate the first performance. Indeed Kelly did, but kept it to clean punches. Gary then decided to go below the belt and start to make the band question themselves. He sensed blood after Leigh-Anne screwed up and so played that card Sofabet talked about and started talking about lead vocalists yadda yadda.

So. Going into tonight. Where the hell are we? I’ll answer that one at 5:30.

Remember. Tuesday. Twelve Noon. The next big revelation. I’ve found enough to convince you, I will dig for more on Monday. 


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