Reflections on Sunday

Time for our final “Reflections on Sunday” post. I’m sobbing like a Little Mix member being told they have made it to the last 16. In astonishing news, I had a life this weekend, so have just seen the results.

Now I know that there is pain. 

But you hold on for one more week

Remember that the “everyone have a go at miming” song is almost certainly recorded well before Sunday, so to see Little Mix leading it and everyone else joining in, almost as backing vocalists, was little surprise…! However, after the shambles of Saturday’s first performance and the horrendous suspected last minute panic switch, things could be about to change… The producers could be about to back Amelia!

* Amelia Lily is someone who stood out for me from the very beginning.” says Kelly with not a hint of embarrassment.

* In the round up VT… I wouldn’t say they picked the best part of Marcus’s second song. They also played negative comments for all three acts, but Little Mix had the most. If we’re trying to set up Perrie as the lead singer and the others as backing singers, the bit they picked from ‘If I were a Boy’ was perfect for that.

* Did we spot the magic keyword during the VT round up for Marcus? Yes we did!

* Kelly Rowland performed my favourite tune of all time tonight and then showed the nation that we shouldn’t be critical when we see bad miming on the X Factor, because it’s just not easy….

* Louis is definitely getting funnier as the series progresses. I’d say he’s GREEN for next series.

* Little Mix – Jade cried on camera during the “This means THE WORLD to us VT”. And set off you know who…. and what did she do for me….. Spot on Jade and Jesy. Good girls.

* Even though the vote was read out in no particular order, I just wonder if it was actually done 1, 2, 3….!

* Watch Kelly’s reaction when Little Mix get through. It’s one of geniune affection.

* Tomorrow we’re talking about the weather. Feeling cold. Annoyingly the point I was going to make has been rather cloudied tonight by Amelia. Louis is clearly backing her….

* Jesy “Weeeee feeuhl abbbasaaalooooteeelllyyy. Thank you sooooooo muuu <breaks down>”

Spot on Jesy. Spot on.


– Were there any clues on ITV2 this weekend?

– Feeling Cold when you watch the final.

– A special Spotify playlist for Tuesday’s big reveal.


– TWELVE NOON – Something I’ve spotted along the lines of Red and Black. Exactly like this week’s final, it’ll be wildly hyped between now and then, ending with you feeling a sense of disappointment when we actually get there.


No idea, I keep promising a pompous article about Alternative Vote and the X Factor. Might as well have a postbag as well. CONTACT ME HERE.


The road to Wembley. How Amelia Lily drove to the A19, found the dual carriageway closed, so popped up to Newcastle Airport, flew business class to Luton Airport and joined the M1 there.


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