Unhelpful #1 – Gary’s Tawdry Affair

Unhelpful Judging

When men are caught cheating by their horrified partners the line that often comes out is “it was written all over your face”.

Well Gary Barlow had been caught out by the viewers, trousers round his ankles toppling over as he scrambled get out of the bedroom. The woman he had let down, had disappointment etched all over he face as she sat, humiliated in her pretty dress, before eventually it just poured out as raw anger, slamming her fist down repeatedly on the table.

Gary was asked on the Xtra Factor “Why are you criticising Little Mix”?

He just looked like a naughty boy who’d been caught with his hands in a biscuit tin. It truly was written all over his face. He was clearly rattled when a caller asked why he was slating them when the Spice Girls didn’t have a lead singer….

He was also asked if he was being tactical. “No way…. no way at all”…. But the awkward smirk said it all.  The opinion on Twitter was also very much “Gary Barlow’s at it.”

Sorry Gary, you’re a sneaky little….

* I’ve said it many many times, you need to be reading Sofabet. It’s far better.

This came as quite a shock, given that “Ashford, you’re the main man” was part of the tactics used to strangle Nu Vibe in week 1, and Louis’s “Charlie, you’re the main man” with follow-up comments from Gary helped send The Risk to the bottom of the public vote in week 5.  Read the rest here.

* I think Gary knows that the plan is (was) Little Mix to win. He’s competitive and wants to win himself, if it is true that he’s off at the end of this series, then he will be demob happy and will do whatever he likes, so can say “Well I can win that show”. The talk of him wanting to leave are almost certainly contract negotiations related. If ITV don’t pay him enough, he can say “well, I wanted to go anyway”. If ITV do pay him enough, “well they persuaded me blah blah”. That said, Take That are still massive, and it would be difficult to combine the two roles. So if he’s off – he wants to win, not to keep the show on the air for a few more years.

* I would be 80% sure the switch at the end of the show was unplanned beforehand. Gary’s “OK… Wow….” and look of amused confusion (am I reading too much into this!) suggested that he wasn’t exactly delighted. He then decided to try and dampen Little Mix’s support by being pretty unkind about a perfectly good second song.

* As I will point out later in the week, Leigh-Anne and Gary together may have combined to lose this entire thing for Little Mix. The Running order was absolutely perfectly set for the final slot next week, now it’s much less likely.

This is all VERY unhelpful. The historic announcement is in jeopardy.

More unhelpful stuff, throughout the morning.


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