Unhelpful #4 – Unhelpful Press

We’re looking at an “unhelpful” week for my 75-1 tip “Little Mix to win.”

The girls have clearly been told they are to come across as “non boyfriend stealing” have a read of this Mail on Sunday article, and read Jade’s remarks

They could have killed the “Perrie snogs the guy you’re going to marry” story on Thursday. But the show chose not to, despite it clearly being in producers heads that “not stealing your boyfriend” is the line LM need to take. This site had to launch an emergency Snog Crisis Centre. Unhelpful.

Mail Online is the #1 Showbiz website in the UK. Their write up of how Little Mix performed is very negative. Uphelpful.

Today, front page of the Daily Star on Sunday has a horrible (and fairly misleading) story about Jesy’s Dad. Unhelpful.

So how much should we read into all of this? How unhelpful is it all really? 

* It was only a dash of Red and Black in performance one? It was only a bit of red and black in the styling. Since when has clothes been a theory anyway? Sticking your face in a giant frame and pumping red and black smoke into it is obvious, since when have we had any evidence that clothes matter?

* The story about Perrie snogging one of the directions doesn’t seem to have exploded too much on Twitter, it trended for a bit.

* Their VT’s were ridiculously positive. They were clearly meant to be on 3rd this week and last next week, and the producers have shown they aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes! Even if that means changing the running order mid show and confusing everyone with the phone numbers.

All of these were things they could 100% control, so it is odd that they did some negative things with styling and set.

The one thing that is way more worrying is the one thing they can’t control.

Gary Barlow is not playing ball.

Next: 3pm – Two Battles. One Fair. One Dirty.

5:30pm – Where we’re at.


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