Shivers – Part One.

 Feel free to sneer at this post, to smirk like Gary Barlow and to ignore it.

For me, the greatest moment of television in the noughties was this. Go on, sneer away.

Ultimately, the X Factor is about making dreams come true. Alexandra rode the wave between disbelief, wanting to break down and wail and but knowing this was the one moment she HAD to deliver, perfectly. The fact she rides these emotions and takes every single one to the very very edge but still nailed it, gave that awesome moment of TV. It was the perfect mix of humility, talent and disbelief that made her win, even against the excellent JLS.

All those moments combined again just an hour later with this second amazing piece of television. Scan 4m 15 in….

Cowell and Cheryl embracing, a face smeared with 2kgs of make up and 500ml of joyful tears, Alexandra putting every ounce of emotion , passion and “OMG” into those high notes and crucially delivering when it really really really mattered. |The whole crew, camera team, vision mixers, effects guys, all pulling together to make it flawless. Unlike people like Steve Brookstein who couldn’t even sing his final “winners moment” song and Leon who just blanded his way through, Alexandra delivered, despite being on the edge of being sectioned under the mental health act. Cowell smiles a delighted smile, visualising the next skip load of £20 notes being delivered in January; also now with proof he can trust Alexandra to deliver for the rest of her career, (she’ll be miming for 95% of it from now on anyway!).

In my opinion last year it was a terrible final, the X Factor badly badly needs moments like 2008 next week. I suspect the (actually reasonably intimate) studio environment helped, Wembley Arena won’t.

A huge percentage of women will have cried at some point during those two moments. And me. And then jumped on their 0901 numbers and helped her sell 1 million copies of that song.
Disbelief + Tears + Humility + Delivering + On the edge but not over it + Audience Affection

= Incredible Television Moment.

Or simply. Viewer shivers.

Shivers = Votes.

Which act will make people shiver if they win?

Next – If you can stop smirking and sneering(!) we’ll address that question.


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  1. We need a Little Mix/Tulisa duet. That’s What Friends Are For. Tears from Jesy. Boom.

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