Shivers – Part Two

This is part two – have a read of this first.

So, we’re saying that to get an incredible TV moment (which doesn’t always happen in a final!) these are some very helpful factors based on the TV moment of the decade…

Disbelief + Tears + Humility + Delivering + On the edge but not over it + Audience Affection

= Incredible Television Moment.

I’d say delivering is doubly as important as everything else, so I’m scoring that out of 10. You can cry, but if you don’t deliver you don’t sell records/get votes/get decent judge comments.

Everything else is out of 5.

Shivers could come before the phones close (viewers shiver and vote) or after the lines close (viewers still want to shiver so create their own moment).


DISBELIEF: I think his winners dance will be more of “YEEEEEEEESSSSS” fist clenching than “I can’t believe this” Alexandra meltdowning. 2
TEARS: Unlikely 0
HUMILTY: He’s learnt to do this perfectly. 5
DELIVERING: He’s not really fluffed anything yet, but nor has he been amazing frequently. 7
ON THE EDGE: Nope. Calm. 0
AUDIENCE AFFECTION: He’s a nice guy. Whooooooaoo. 4

Likelihood of Final Shiver Moment: 18/35



Little Mix

DISBELIEF: No girl band has ever made the final. To win it…! 5
TEARS: Spot on Jesy. 5
HUMILITY: Tulisa doesn’t have the grace of Chezza. The rest of them understand it. 4
DELIVERING: Well, up until a week or two ago, they had a sort of iron like focus, their dance routines were spot on, vocals were generally good, or patched up with a backing tape. Last couple of weeks, when they have had to perfect two songs, and presumably record winners songs, do more press, do the charity single etc, they have been less perfect, crescendoing with last week’s lyric fluff. 5
ON THE EDGE: Perrie – no, Jade – yes, Jesy – yes, Leigh-Anne – not sure. Call it 3.5
AUDIENCE AFFECTION: Few would be unhappy if they won. Apart from some 1D fans. 4.5


Likelihood of audience shiver. 27/35


Now, up until Saturday where I thought I might be writing about Misha in the final, I was certain that for shiverability Little Mix had it nailed. But after a song cockup, the switch in running order and Amelia coming up the inside, I am not quite so sure….!



DISBELIEF: It would be unbelieveable. Ridiculous even. 5
TEARS: Her “breakdown” face last night was memorable and superb. It really mattered to her. However, she doesn’t cry enough on VT’s for me. 4
HUMILITY: Her comments during week 2 – 5 won’t have helped and I’ve not seen anything out of the ordinary for her. 3
DELIVERING: Amelia just delivers. Average but consistent performances week in, week out. 7
ON THE EDGE: Definitely. She’s 17, exhausted and you could almost see her being ready to vomit when Dermot read out the final name. 5
AUDIENCE AFFECTION: Are people really rooting for her? She’s got the underdog status, although Louis backing her won’t help that. Do people really empathise with her?  At this moment, despite two stories about her diabeties and her dad’s business to focus on (hattip Sofabet), I’m not sure the public feel real empathy with her, and there would be plenty of people saying “that’s just not fair!” if she wins. 2

Likelihood of audience shiver: 24/35

Had Misha made it, I would have said it was Little Mix’s in the bag. Amelia takes a lot of tears away from the muffins.

More bits and pieces later, including if I get time, a brand new theory on why Gary Barlow’s being naughty.

Tomorrow at 12 Noon. Why the hell are they doing that? Something subliminal that might confuse things even more.


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