This is Betsfactor. Arguably the greatest website in Europe.

The home of Red and Black. The Home of Drip Drop. And now the home of “Wishing on a Star”

The home of an incredible current 432% return if you’d followed all the bets we recommended to the letter. But we tell you not to.

The site that STILL uses ‘we’ even though it’s an I.

The site that tipped Little Mix at 75-1 and again at 14-1 and again at 2-1 with that bet STILL IN PLAY.

The site that is still littered with spelling errors, appalling grammar, badly formatted posts and far too much hype.

The home of the world class and innovative LIVE traffic lights system on Saturday nights, when I’m in and can be bothered.

The site that will have AROUND THE CLOCK COVERAGE this finals weekend.

It’s Wishing on a Star Afternoon. If you’ve missed it, goto the links on the left BEFORE reading the rest of this…..

So, it’s Saturday evening and I’m re-watching back this week’s X Factor. I’m in a dressing gown, up at 6am tomorrow to go to Birmingham, taking photos of the TV of Little Mix’s Red and Black styling, panicking about the historic announcement, there is a Budweiser on my left, a laptop on the right and some Salt and Vinegar Square Crisps lying around. My phone keeps buzzing with texts from friends, some of which I am nicking and passing off as “comments” from the millions of blog readers we have here at Betsfactor. Marcus’s paused grinning face and perfect teeth are shining up at me as I gaze at a big HD screen.

Given I’m writing this site to learn about blogging, I realise, when I live blog I tend to have one eye on the laptop and one eye on the TV, another eye on texts and e mail and another eye on those delicious square crisps. I miss subtle things and ridiculously didn’t even notice the giant star behind Marcus until I watched it a second time.

For some reason I was watching Marcus’ second performace first when I rewatched the show. Last week I’d noticed the star he was standing on – mentioned it in a blog post and thought nothing much of it. This is an important point….

Other than the obsessive use of the word “popstar“, they have only been doing this for a couple of weeks…. as far as I can tell!!

So I thought, hmmm, OK – a star on the floor last week, popstar popstar popstar popstar in endless judges comments and deliberate reruns in top of the show VT’s to say popstar popstar popstar popstar and a massive star behind him this week… plus those stars on his jumper that keeps popping up in VT’s. Not quite enough to be sure enough to blog on this. My readers trust me for incredible insight, cash winning X Factor tips and continuous reasons why Little Mix will win. I can’t blog about something I’m not utterly convinced about… I’m only 95%….

OK. I’ll watch his first performance. If I spot an obvious, absolutely no doubt, “that is 100% a star”, star then that’s it….  There is NO DOUBT they are placing stars next to Marcus for some subliminal reason. If I don’t see a star. I’ll put it on ice for a week. One more and then I am convinced. But it’s got to be 100% a star.

I swig a bit of Bud, (friends who read this will know that’s one, 300 ml bottle, a week), munch a square crisp and hit play on the remote.

I actually felt a bit excited…. I kind of knew it was there to be found…

Brilliant! If you watch this one again, there it is again, in all it’s glory!!!

And that was it.

They are wishing on a star.

So many questions! Why? Is he the chosen one? Should we get some cash on him now at 3/1?  Why the negative Little Mix behaviour and VERY unhelpful Little Mix treatment last week? Is the plan, LM for the final, Marcus to win? This is a deliberate act.  Are LM so far ahead they wanted simply to ramp Marcus into the final and dampen their support. Should I hedge my Little Mix bet? Does any of this really matter? Surely if they do this, it must work at least a bit? Are they just having a laugh? Surely the word popstar is now being used with such frequency and regularity that it can’t be a coincidence? Are we missing countless other things, are Little Mix all wearing subliminal telephones? Isn’t this all a bit creepy? Has this sort of thing happened on previous series? Is it just all one big conicidence and am I behaving like a cross between a P*ss poor Derren Brown and an amateur psychic who operates out of a Caravan in Bridlington? Searching for something that isn’t there….


That’s what they call you

How long you’ve waited to get where you are


That’s what you wanted

This week hot shot. a video star

I’d love your thoughts on this – CONTACT ME HERE.

You’ll like what I’ve got lined up at 8pm.

8pm – Fantastic Prizes.

Tomorrow – The REAL reason Gary Mixed It Up on Saturday? Pride comes before a fall.


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  1. Probably being stupid but where was the star in the first video (My Girl performance) ? Did you mean the star shaped body shapes Marcus makes in the choreography?

    Also, in his Lately performance, we have him standing on that massive star as you said. But it is also a performance where Red and Black is used. Confusing.

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