It’s “Wishing on a Star” afternoon on Betsfactor. Start below if you haven’t already.

In my opinion, they are trying to get the idea STAR and MARCUS linked together.

So far, to prove this, I’ve shown you a jumper thousands of people wear, and a phrase Louis screams over and over again at Marcus. You’re blown away and hungry for more. Let’s get our telescope out again….

When you start looking for stars, you normally have to let your eyes adjust for a few minutes before they start shining brightly and you can appreciate their beauty. With this next one, you really don’t need to….

If you don’t normally watch these videos that I post, humour me for the first 45 – 60 seconds…. Actually watch it!

What’s that behind Marcus? 

It’s only the biggest star of them all…!

Just to make it like more of a star, watch the graphics pinging away from the star, into a hexagonal star shape….

I love that shot at 42 seconds….!

So, that giant fat imposing star is beating down it’s subliminal rays, onto Marcus and around the UK and Ireland….

The jumper, the giant star/sun behind him, popstar popstar popstar popstar.

Convinced yet?

OK – two more at 2pm.

Case closed at 3.


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