It’s Wishing On a Star afternoon on the world’s greatest website. We’ve got our telescopes out and we’re star gazing at the moment.

You need to read the posts below before reading this one….

I thought I’d stick in two now. One that is so far fetched you’ll scoff and one you’ve already seen, before I blow this whole thing out of the water and convince you at 3pm.

What’s Marcus standing on here?

Lots of lovely long camera shows to show him in the centre of the star….

OK this one is utterly ridiculous and just nonsense…. Don’t watch it, just pause it at the end, at about 2m 15

Could you argue all those tamberines are moons….? A black and white starry back ground….


The jumper that keeps appearing in VT’s, the way the word popstar is crowbarred in at every opportunity, the giant star behind him on Saturday, the giant star he was standing on the week before… we’ll ignore my moons as tamberines one for the time being….

There’s still one more star to find…

3pm. Game Over.


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