For many many weeks the word POPSTAR has been used on screen whenever Marcus has been in shot. 

But recently it’s been moved into a whole new galaxy.

The message they want us to have – MARCUS IS A STAR.

The method is coming up stargazers….

What if I told you that in the last few shows they have started to use this star thing subliminally?
We’re going to start with examples that are rubbish. I accept that these are pretty meaningless observations and really don’t show anything, but gradually you will start to go….

Hang on a minute.

** This IS happening. ** This is NOT a conincidence. **

They are trying to subliminally plant the idea that Marcus is a STAR.

So, we’ll kick off with some weaker ones, you accept that these first ones aren’t as strong and are almost certainly me reading too much into the whole thing….  Then at 1pm, we’ll reveal a really obvious one. Then at 2, another and a ropey one just to put you off the scent. Then at 3pm, it’ll be case closed. We’ll pack up our telescopes and go home.

* Firstly Louis has called Marcus a popstar in almost every week. OK – Louis only has three phrases, “ready made popstar”, “you remind me of a”, “I think you could go all the way”. The producers make a concious decision every week to play that word in a VT, of some sort, along with an image of Marcus. Pretty much every. single. episode!  I’m not going to go through the number of times it’s happened, but regular readers will know we spotted it ages ago.

They make a concious decision, out of everything that was said by Louis backstage and all the judges comments, to use the word POPSTAR. Nov 12th for instance, Marcus uses the word himself in his VT and then Gary says “Ladies and Gentlemen we are in the presence of a popstar”. That word is played in the VT on the 19th, so with 20 seconds of turning on you get the popstar message again. There are countless examples.

Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar Popstar.

* Marcus seems to wear this jumper quite a lot in VT’s recently. Now obviously (apparently) I am well aware(!) star prints are very in fashion at the moment, so we shouldn’t read too much into this.

Those are blue stars along the middle . Emblazed across his chest.

* I wonder when you’ll agree with me and decide for yourself  this is happening…..

Now? 1pm? 2pm? 3pm?

So they say the word POPSTAR over and over again and he wears a jumper with stars on in several VT’s.

Astonishing stuff so far right? OK…
1pm – I’ll give you one another example.

2pm – I’ll give two more.

3pm. The moment I said. Right. That’s put it beyond doubt.

8pm – A fantastic opportunity to win a superb prize.

10pm – This is Betsfactor  – so let’s talk odds – should we read anything into this?


And at 3pm, you’ll be laughing.


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  1. HMM….Have you noticed the Barlow calling Marcus “my little star” on twitter on more than one occasion???

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