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Some lunchtime Bite Size Bits for you….

MANIPULATION HIGHLIGHTS – If you’re still not convinced about the way that producers use gentle tactics to subtley suggest to people how they might like to vote in the X Factor, have a read of this post on Sofabet. They picked up on our Sophie Habyebye point, but better still, they’ve got the video shot to illustrate it.

Read this article, it’s hilarious and a great compilation of many things noticed over the last few weeks.

RINGO STAR – I’ve had a few comments/e mails etc asking where the hidden star is in the first clip in Part Four. The sort of smoking gun that made me decide they are wishing on a star. Hopefully you spotted it yourself, as that’s more fun, but Marcus has rings on both hands, his left has a star ring on, which to me was all I needed! In the second video it’s funnier, because of all the displaying (presumably inadvertently) he does across his chest with various poses. A star on his hand in shot on two songs and standing behind a giant star, and being told he’s a star continually, and having stars on a jumper, and standing on a star the week before. ALL inside two weeks. Come on!

EXTRA –  I was going to do a couple of bits on what happened on ITV2 over the weekend, I tend only to watch the judges interview bit and then turn off, as I’m not interested in opinions from a TV critic from the Daily Express and an artist Cowell’s refused to allow on the main show but has placated with a “we’ll play 20 seconds of your video on ITV2 and you can be a panelist”.

Louis was asked “do you still want Amelia to win?”. He basically said yes, and said that he thought Little Mix had potential, but implied Amelia was a ready made popstar.

– Tulisa thanking the N Dubletts is never a wise move. The less Little Mix are associated with N Dubz the better.

Gary had an annoying grin on his face again through most of the ITV2 show. He knows he’s a naughty boy and he doesn’t care. Tulisa gave a speech during the show where she said that Little Mix can inspire young women around the country and make a difference through music…. the smirk on Gary’s face was a sight to behold.

READERS SURVEY – Regular readers will know I’m just doing this blog for a laugh and to learn about blogging. I’d love to get your take on how it’s gone and how you use the blog/what you think etc. Would you mind sparing two minutes and racing through these ten questions…?

I’ll be pushing this a bit over the next couple of days, so doing it now would be like donating to Comic Relief at 7:01pm, you can sit back and watch the appeals guilt free. Here it is again, just click, answer a few questions and I’d be v. grateful!


MOYLES ON MARCUS –  I was wondering what Moyles was making of all this. I haven’t heard his show in a long time, and wondered who he was backing. This thread proved very interesting (if the summary is accurate of what was said) and what’s even better for punters who don’t want a Marcus win, is Scott Mills ran with it as well.

WINNER? – We’ll come to this later in the week, but right now I could hedge the Little Mix to win bet and this site would end up circa 40 points up – a staggering 4000% increase if you’d backed every single bet we (I) suggested. I’ve not seen enough to suggest I need to, although the Marcus star thing is a bit strange! So we’re (I’m) STILL backing the historic announcement. Although I would admit it’s on shakier ground than the week before.

THIS WEEKENDThere will complete and round the clock coverage on Betsfactor, with analysis, panicing, the “road to Wembley” on Friday Night, two live blogs (Both Sat and Sun), the best novelty bets revealed, duet analysis, a look at previous finals, three paper reviews (Fri, Sat, Sun), plus “the real voting stats revealed” LIVE BLOG, immediately after the final. A full preview and menu on Friday. It’s Betsfactor – The final straight(forecast).

Later: Gary Barlow – A new theory on why he Mixed it up a little on Saturday.

This Evening: Your Thoughts (As you know, any old ill thought through opinion is published throughout the week, so say hello.)


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