No Mixer – Why Gary Mixed it up?

Why Might Gary Barlow have called for Little Mix to have a lead vocalist? Was it just a sabotage tactic? Or could there be more to it?

Let me be like a caller to ITV2 before I start. I do love Gary Barlow. I love people like him, Darius and David Beckham for reasons we can go into on another blog in 2012…. But, personally I think he’s been “average at best” on the X Factor and it hasn’t been a great career move for him. You can’t be Mr Nice Guy, the comeback kid we all fell in love with all over again if you then play mind games, dirty tricks and try and be a second rate Simon Cowell with about 11% of the charisma. Women are phoning up ITV2 starting the call with “I do love Gary you but…” which is how every second sentence begins before a divorce.

Matt Cardle was a hugely popular winner of the X Factor. It wasn’t close, he topped the poll almost every single week, producers felt confident enough to put him on first in the final and he still completely blitzed anything in his path and won easily on the night.

Fast forward nine months, and the only song on his brand new album that Matt hasn’t personally had a hand in writing is being launched in front of ten million people. Dermot proudly tells one in six of the UK population that Gary Barlow has written Matt’s new single – launching his first album, we sit back and enjoy. MATT CARDLE….

How did it do, this Gary Barlow penned song, sung by the previous hugely popular winner of the X Factor, in front of 10 million eager viewers, many of whom had backed Matt only nine months previously?

Number 1 surely?

Number 2?  3? 4? 5?

Didn’t even make the top five.

By week four it was at #96 (that’s ninety six).

There are now rumours (and only rumours) that Gazza has written the winners single. In some interviews I’ve read “We’ve recorded the winners single” and in other articles there is speculation that there are three songs, one of which is a GB special. The song was apparently recorded by all the top six. This song won’t have been written overnight either, so presumably there were at least ten people left in the competition (or he wrote it in the summer or whenever).

When Gary wrote it, he must have had in mind that a group never wins the X Factor.

It is (very) likely Gary wrote this song with a SOLO vocalist in mind.

He knows Little Mix are the favourites to win it.  I wouldn’t worry though Gary, I can’t really put my finger on it, but I really get a sense that Marcus has a sort of star quality…  Of course Gary is competitive and of course, he is probably irritated that the producers are pushing the Mixettes, changing the running order mid way through the show etc etc. But the Mixettes are still favourites to win it.

You presume the decision on lead vocals for Little Mix’s version of the winners single was made within a few weeks of the decision on which of Little Mix to feature heavily in the charity single…

So why else might Gary be VERY keen that Perry is pushed into a solo role by Sunday night at about 8:50pm?

We don’t want another #6 do we Gazza.


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