Thanks for all the correspondence this week, here’s a selection (you know what that means don’t you) of the correspondence we’ve had in this week.

Kate writes “I love LOVE love Gary Barlow, but not as much as I love the blog, but I think there were a few dirty remarks last week, a bit of game playing, hence the comments about Little Mix at the end, who, I thought, were vocally pretty good.”

I agree. Nasty Gary. See this article for more on that.

Ryan writes “Hi Richard, love the blog, Not since the original Live Aid has Wembley played host to such an important event in the history of popular music. The sizzling build up has been heightened by the “will they, won’t they” over Coldplay (presumably ultimately decided by the executive in charge of record sales). Neverthless, as Dermot said – the “World’s biggest band”. Band. This is the first time a proper band has played the X Factor final. Does this bring a different viewer demo and new voters into play?”

Great question, yeah, a credible(ish) act on the X Factor final. Next year Muse and U2. I doubt that this will attract many new people to the party, it’s not as if Chris will be doing a 45 minute set!  Also how many of those new credible Absolute Radio listeners are really actually going to then decide they need to spend 35p on an 0901 number? There is one factor that could mix things up though though, that’s the severe weather. At the moment Friday is going to be a nightmare for anyone north of Birmingham, if it continues into Saturday, expect viewing figures to soar, which could lead to “high turnout” and therefore a harder to predict result, and a result more likely to be influenced by events on the night, rather than the candidates term in office.

@JamesMartin23 on Twitter (“If you like the idea of a poor man’s Terry Wogan during the live shows” is how he describes his feed) writes “Hi Richard, love the blog. Dunno if you’ve covered before, but they presumably measure social media “buzz”, somehow put it into positive and negative boxes, and then give an indication of how it’s going to go. They’ve called the eliminee correctly every single week, bar the (let’s admit it) shock demise of The Risk in the most-recent double elimination.

I’m not so sure, therefore, that Little Mix are in trouble. It’s not like the public have had their claws out for the whole run, like they have with Misha B – and when the figures are announced on the last Xtra factor on Sunday (as is tradition) I think it’ll show she was bottom most of the time. She’s there because of the judges alone. They’ve also, crucially, never been Bottom Two.

Yep, the site is still showing Little Mix to be bottom. It looks like they have done pretty well, but I don’t know the methodology behind it – I often have a quick cheeky look at the site along with one or two others, at this stage I haven’t really got an opinion on it. I think there are too many variables (for instance Marcus being a name of a contestant on X Factor USA).  Also, do we know if Amelia’s tweets were all to do with this absurd HMV story.

Also, Kelly Rowland and Gary both went on about how there’s one singer always more talented than the others in a group. Thanks for that, guys. I always wondered why Beyonce Knowles and Robbie Williams had such amazing solo careers. 😉

Thanks for the e mail – Next is Jake…

Probably being stupid but where was the star in the first video (My Girl performance) ? Did you mean the star shaped body shapes Marcus makes in the choreography?

Ha – no I didn’t notice that, have a look at the ring on Marcus’ left hand. It then reappears in the second performance as well. That was the final straw for me!

Also, in his Lately performance, we have him standing on that massive star as you said. But it is also a performance where Red and Black is used. Confusing.

Yeah, I think you have to be careful about reading TOO much into Red and Black. Just because it’s used doesn’t mean they are going. I could give you loads of examples of acts that were Red and Blacked, but if you see heavy red and black and also smokey effects or hell like connotations, and it’s coupled with some other key warning signs like a dire VT, it’s time to bet on them being next out!

Quick amusing response to the reader survey from a friend who I know won’t mind me cut and pasting it. To “How would you improve the site”….

“Never have a Saturday off where you are on a cheap internet date, when people are looking to Betsfactor for the fastest verdict and reflection using the unique traffic light system.”

If you could spare just a couple of minutes to answer 10 questions about Betsfactor I would be very grateful. I’m really interested in your thoughts, because I’m doing this to learn about blogging.

And if you want to slag me off / send a question / make an observation / give me your 1,2,3 for Sunday (would love some of these), then CONTACT ME HERE. But fill the survey out first!

Coming up: BETSFACTOR FINALE – 8pm Friday to Midnight Sunday – ON THE HOUR. EVERY HOUR. 

E mail subscribers, get out NOW!


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