After the historic announcement, I was utterly horrified one day last week to wake and discover Perrie had reportedly snogged Zayn from  One Direction. Worse still, this was on the front of the biggest selling newspaper in the UK. A team of eighteen Betsfactor staff was mobilised and we provided around the clock SNOG CRISIS coverage.

The final always features the contestants going home, being astonished at the number of banners on three houses on one street and being mobbed by teenagers they vaguely recognise from down the road, desperate to get on camera. Last night Little Mix went to Newcastle, where two of the 75-1’s are from. The Mirror was given exclusive access (well done Press Team, sharing the love).

An official apology from Betsfactor to Perrie.

Perrie, we should never have doubted you. It shouldn’t have even crossed our minds that you would do something as unintelligent as snog a member of One Direction. We did suggest the story would be likely to be nonsense, but the fact the ITV press team did nothing to stop the story horrified us and we had to run with the implications on the betting markets. We should never have doubted your intelligence, integrity and gritty determination to lead thousands of Betsfactor followers to millions of pounds in cash.

Perrie, we salute you.

From today’s Daily Mirror:

Apparently we are dating, she said, rolling her eyes. “We met One Direction at the charity single and Jade is mates with them. We did text and I said thanks for the support. But, no, we didn’t kiss”. Tulisa chipped in with: “I’d smack her bum if she was kissing backstage”.

Read the rest here.

To further take the heat out of the story, Harry was snapped leaving Caroline Flack’s house yesterday morning.

Little Mix’s Betfair odds continue to scream towards evens, standing at 2.14.

But why did the Press Team let this negative story gain momentum and trend on Twitter. 140 characters from LM’s account could have stopped all this. Why when there was a similar story about Amelia texting one of them, did this get a tiny mention? So many questions this week!

Coming up today: 

Postbag. A few bits and pieces of mail. Why not get your thoughts in CONTACT ME here.

– A theory on why Gary Barlow Mixed it Up this weekend.

Bits and Pieces I can’t fit in anywhere else.


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