Urgh. Morning. And it’s a big urgh for followers of the historic announcement.

As predicted by Ryan in our Postbag many weeks back, the acts are to duet with their mentors in the final.

This is in today’s Daily Mirror. So it’s not officially confirmed.

The Mirror has details of the songs as well, which gives it much much more credibility. My views and half baked analysis are below.


Dueting with Kelly Rowland8/10
Kelly can sing and is very very used to high pressure moments. Geniune chemistry might be an issue, given she voted her off!
Song: River Deep Mountain High – A pretty good choice that allows them to show off Amelia’s range and gives great energy/fun. 8/10


Dueting with Gary Barlow – 10/10
Gary’s done it all and is a total pro. He’ll gives it his all.
Song: Undecided yet, but could be Greatest Day or Never Forget. – Never Forget would be a mistake, Greatest Day (or Rule the World?) would work well and are, of course, massive massive hits popular with women aged 20 – 50.  Not convinced their voices quite match, but people won’t care! 8/10
Dueting with Tulisa3/10
Admittedly I’ve never seen her perform live, but she’s 23, she’s not got the experience of the other two. My (pure) guess is she’ll be as nervous as LM will be. Tulisa will also just look like one of the members of Little Mix! She doesn’t have the star appeal.
Song: A Medley of Alisha Keys hits If I Aint Got You and Empire State of Mind. Dreary and only one is incredibly well known. Vocal mistakes will be easier to hide over Empire State of Mind, but even so. 4/10.

Marcus might struggle, you can’t Wooooooo through Greatest Day, and the fact they haven’t decided yet is probably a good sign for LM/Amelia backers.

Amelia looks to have been picked a really good tune and something she and Kelly can have a lot of fun with.

Little Mix with Tulisa is the “well we want this twist and we want Kelly and Gazza on board, so we’ll have to get Tulisa to do it as well” decision. At least they’re not doing some sort of N-Dubz song, but this isn’t good, it isn’t good at all.

At the time of writing (1am), the markets haven’t moved THAT much. Using Betfair as my guide, Little Mix are 2.2, Marcus 3.95 and Amelia 3.65.

In my opinion the odds should be something like:

Little Mix 2.7, Amelia 3.1, Marcus 3.3

I think with this news, things should be much much closer. 

Two more press stories coming just before 10, one mildly amusing.


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