More Press Stuff

We’re still digesting the news about the Judges Duets.

Two other stories today. The Sun has loads on Amelia but a tiny amount about Marcus‘ visit home. Almost like a footnote. My hunch is this is to do with the fact that The Sun is still loathed on Merseyside. Still it’s interesting just how little coverage he gets compared to Amelia – have a look.

Secondly,  Kate and William are big fans of the X apparently. I love our Duchess, she is clearly a Little Mix or Amelia fan (almost certainly Little Mix!). Obviously the future Queen can’t say her preference as it would affect the betting markets and she would be at the centre of a fix storm. She met Marcus at Gary Barlow’s concert thing he was organising. Presumably Tulisa will be meeting the royals and putting on a giant charity bash as well tonight? This is Marcus talking about meeting the Duchess….

They both said they watched the X Factor. How amazing is that? They asked if I was nervous about the weekend and I said I couldn’t wait. Kate said she was amazed at how much stronger my vocals were live than on television. I just can’t believe it.

Well done your highness. So subtle.

And he didn’t even pick up on it!


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