Postbag XTRA – Christmas Number One

You’ll have noticed we’re asking lots of questions this week and not answering any of them. That’s because we’re in the “information gathering” stage! 

This was a great piece in our postbag, so worthy of a post on it’s own. This guy is “James”, who will be popping up later in the week as an expert when we turn into Betsfactor 24 for a few days. ON THE HOUR, EVERY HOUR is coming soon!

Hi Richard – love the blog.

I have just seen that the Military Wives single is now bookies favourite for the Christmas No.1, I am certain this song will get there as it’s being released a week later to the winners.

Joe was damaged goods once he couldn’t beat Rage Against The Machine’s for the Christmas No.1 two years ago (don’t forget this song had only reached the dizzy heights of No.25 16 years previously, it really should have been blown out the water by the Cowell juggernaut.  Joe never recovered from this.

I can see no way with Radio 2 support, a BBC 2 series in it’s own right and our great PM’s backing that the Military Wives will lose this Christmas No.1 battle – for crying out loud they are wearing t-shirts in the video saying ‘My husband fights for our country’ on the back, with ‘me and girls sing for the country’.  You cannot say anything against these ladies, their families, what they are doing and who they are rasing the money for.

Therefore my question is, is it worth the X Factors producers engineering the act who they want to make a bit of a career out of (I’m thinking Little Mix here) lose the final and come back in the summer with a slightly more polished sound/image and hopefully, BOOM, success and let the one they don’t see a long term success win.

An X Factor act who doesn’t get the Christmas No.1 is a winner, who gets viewed very quickly as a loser and I think it would be very hard to repair that in this fickle world of pop.

I think the Military Wives are becoming big players in this X Factor final now.

I think you make some good points here. This is the first time the act gets a week before the Christmas number one week. The great thing is that they will still get an instant number one around Christmas, without the wives screwing anything up for them. I don’t think the public will mind them losing a second week’s #1 to a superb charity cause.  I think you forget about the future credibility of the X Factor format in your analysis though. No group has ever won it, this is a golden opportunity to make that happen, with little clear favourite/talent in the final. Also, out of the three, Little Mix are most likely to have a decent long term career (in my opinion!), they therefore really need an act that wins it and goes on to have success. Marcus is just another Joe, Leon, Steve,Matt. Amelia would do OK, but didn’t take part for half of the show! A Little Mix win helps the health of the format for a few more years and would also be more likely to lead to some sort career longevity for a winner. I reckon (always good to reckon isn’t it – based on no knowledge) the TV show makes more than many of the winning acts. The TV show and ratings come first, who they end up with, whilst important, is secondary. 

So which act winning would help the TV show’s continued success?

There’s only one answer to that.


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  1. think talk of “credibility of the brand” is a complete red herring

    producers are interested in maximising advertising revenue today, not jam tommorow

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