48 to WIN – The Road to Wembley – Amelia

Welcome to Betsfactor 24 – ON THE HOUR – EVERY HOUR. You need to read this and this first, to catch up. This evening we’re looking at the road to Wembley.

Amelia’s journey has been a more comfortable, easy ride. 

In week one, she delivered a shouty and out of tune version of Billie Jean and her main competitor Sophie Habisis sang Teenage Dream very well, sat on a piano looking classy. Kelly sobbed and made a reasonable decision, deciding that the 17 year old just wasn’t ready for the competition.

In week two Amelia decided to say the following to Radio One:

“The twist was so unfair. If it was down to the public, I would have got through. My fan base is huge. It’s a television show, which people have to remember, as much as it is a competition. But it was really cruel”.

Her mum told the Daily Mail “What’s happened is so cruel, it’s disgusting,”. “You have to wonder whose decision it was, and why they did it – maybe it was Simon Cowell’s. It’s not necessarly the best singers who get through. You really don’t know what the judges or producers are thinking.”

Meanwhile her Dad said “The way she lost her place was just a very harsh way for the show to do it. They feed the kids this and that and lead them up the garden path.”

Then Amelia appeared on This Morning and said “I was really angry about the twist. I couldn’t even talk, I was so upset. But it’s a TV show, so the more drama the better.”

And so on.

Then there was the incident with Frankie in a car park (tabloid hype I suspect).

Er…. then the show shambles on, accidentially holding a double elimination, then immediately binning off a contestant for naughty drugs antics, then er… Amelia is back. Strangely, her parents don’t seem to have stopped her, given they feed kids this and that and lead them up the garden path.

Narrowly beating someone called Jonjo and a woman with an entire inch of fake tan on her face, Amelia steps up and ironically sings “The Show Must Go On”, a song with so many lyrics I could make gags about, I’m spoilt for choice. (I’ll go for “I’ll top the bill, I’ll overkill”).

So Amelia’s Road to Wembley starts in Middlesbrough, stops somewhere around Scotch Corner, where she trundles back, gets a plane from Newcastle Airport, flies to Luton, picks up a hire car and continues the all expenses paid journey.

In the seven years of the X Factor, no act that has entered the bottom two, ever ever ever has gone on to win it. Bottom two at any point in your journey and you won’t win. Now seven series is not enough to say this is a certain trend, but it suggests Amelia would be a historic winner. In so many ways, the first winner to have only participated in HALF the public votes, yet still make the final! The first winner to have a mentor who didn’t think she was one of the top three in the competition, and so on.

Week Seven, and her sudden lack of public support is evident when she smashes into the bottom two. With THINK highlighted in red and black, the public do and realise she doesn’t deserve to win, despite Louis wheeling out “all the way” and so on.

She is a bit shouty, but she can sing! Craig is outrageously ditched in favour of Amelia and she continues on. In week eight, I must admit, I was still pretty sure they wanted Amelia in the bottom two, giving her some average songs and also some very sophisticated VT’s read more here.  Kelly saying “she’ll be absolutely fine” – message “don’t bother picking up the phone, because she’s got a few posters up in Teeside which should pretty much see her through….”. On top of that Gary decided to recap Amelia’s journey for everyone, so we could all remember just how unfair it was that she was in the competition at this stage. Amelia survived though and went through to the semi final, where Misha looked like she would easily be gone, now the public finally had full control. The producers gave her Marcus’ choir as a little bit of extra help. Lukewarm judges comments weren’t overly helpful, but she’s still in play and the public clearly like her, steering her away from the bottom for two weeks now.

Amelia’s journey has been like someone taking the hard shoulder when there are miles of tailbacks. 

But she has talent, a decent voice, and little that makes the public dislike her, despite the free pass in round two, three, four and five.

11pm – Talking of car journeys, will I make a U Turn? WHO’S GOING TO WIN. The Eleven o’Clock Question. ANSWERED.

Midnight – The countdown begins – The ten WORST live performances.


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