50 to WIN – The Road to Woooooohbley – Marcus

Welcome to Betsfactor 24. Round the clock coverage until Little Mix win it.


This evening, before the 11 o’Clock Question, we’re looking at the Road to Wembley. How the finalists did it and the bumps, punctures and smashes into the central reservation along the way. You’re going to hear me talk about TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM contestants in the final twelve. Basically acts they think would make the top 4( TOP),  5-8 (MIDDLE),  9-12 (BOTTOM).

Top act, Middle act, bottom act. A ‘top act’ they want in the semis ish (Janet), a ‘middle act’ they want to hang around for a bit (Kitty’s and The Risk), the ‘bottom acts’ are expendable asap (Sammi, Nu Vibe).

Finally, as with all articles on here, this is just my opinion, I have no inside knowledge and I am just guessing as to what happened in the producers heads. Let’s be honest, that’s been difficult to work out this year and I’m not sure they even know half the time.

Let’s begin the first of 50 badly written posts, as we race towards the massive cash wins…

This is….


The second coming.

Marcus was given favourable treatment at the audition stage, the producers went and filmed him in his hairdressing salon and featured lots of people saying how lovely he was. He just comes across as a nice guy. This is the main theme of his VT’s most weeks together with the fact he’s a popstar popstar popstar.

BOMBSHELL THEORY! It is my view that Marcus was up for the chop all the way until week four. The producers were very happy to lose him, he was in their bottom third of acts. At this point Frankie (middle act) was getting them press, Craig (top act) was showing the talent and Marcus was the boy who was expendable.

Week One was dire and I think the producers realsied that as well. Interesting colour scheme for Marcus’ first two weeks lots of Red and Black! Go on Marcus fans, sit through two minutes of this…

The good thing about being in the first few weeks is the percentage of the vote you need is very small to survive. Week One, Gary put him through, but this was probably pre determined. Based on the second week, it looked like the producers had decided Marcus was for the chop. He was red and blacked with plenty of hell like connotations and gave another very very weak performance of Russain Roulette and a weak position in the show. We tipped him to leave on that day as well. However, with a strong regional vote behind him, and a sunny personality that shone through in his VT he only needed circa 9% of the vote to survive. Lets look at all that hell stuff again shall we….

As I said earlier, Marcus didn’t know it, but his head was on the block, in the words of Rihanna – “So just pull the trigger”, the public didn’t!

Week three and still the producers were unhelpful, giving Marcus a death slot on first and a tough rock song. But this was the moment he made them sit up and say…. “actually?” Also around this time, the producers started to play more negative stuff in VT’s about Frankie and they probably started to realise he quite enjoyed partying. So they needed to downgrade Frankie (bottom) and upgrade Marcus (middle). Gary did that with lukewarm comments for Frankie – for his own judge to be a bit flat in his praise was a bad sign, so Marcus was given “second” (MIDDLE) status in the producers minds… On cue, Marcus delivers a decent performance. so he’s not on the hit list from now on. That performance, together with Frankie being dangerous for the show (although decent performance this week – complete with that ridiculous backstage footage), was his lifeline. My guess is it was around now that the popstar references kicked in, although I can’t remember!

Week Four Marcus cranked it up a notch with a decent Stevie Wonder performance. Favourite to go, Frankie pulls of a dire performance of the Clash.. All three boys look safe at this point.

Marcus’s game changing moment came in week five, when he delivered a sensational vocal and was given fantastic treatment with a bright set, strange ‘named intro’, and huge dance number.

Week Six, rather like Little Mix’s week five moment, was somewhat of a flop. The lazy producers decided to try and stick with a format that gave them the variety that they needed by getting Marcus into that fifties style big band sound (previously Frankie was providing the rock and Little Mix the urban edge – Frankie vanished and Little Mix were toned down as they were upgraded). It’s also important to remember that this was the week that we first got a report that Craig had threatened to quit on the Thursday. At the time we thought nothing of it. Marcus probably didn’t know, indeed no one would have spotted, but behind the scenes, probably the day before his “Another One Bites the Dust” performance, he had been quietly upgraded from “MIDDLE” to “TOP”. Craig was going to be dumped on next week, and Marcus would take the top spot in their minds.

Week Seven and suddenly we realise what the producers had secretly decided seven days ago. The dilemma so many of us had been wondering “which of the two scouser boys are they going to back” was finally answered. Craig was given the full red and black treatment, judges arguing, a weak slot in the running order and Marcus was given a 400 strong choir, a Jesus like final pose and the final slot. . Craig was also given a negative VT (saying he was from Kirkby rather than Liverpool) and Marcus was shown to be the one signing autographs etc in his VT. In short, A star was born.

Week Eight was when they started to plant the stars with Marcus. There was the star that he was standing on, appeared in this week and even more liberal use of the word popstar. Gary also had a pre rehearsed speech about how the Stevie Wonder song that he sung was his game changer. As I think I’ve pointed out, the game changers happened a long long time before, and were often nothing to do with him, he was VERY lucky that the other two male contestants made the decisions that they made.

Semi Final week and we had Gary playing some very dirty tricks, meaning Marcus ended up having his slot changed, after a disastrous start for Little Mix. This could actually benefit Marcus in the final, if the girls lose the final slot that was going, in my opinion, to be allocated to them. It was also when the star planting got more ridiculous.   Spot those stars again!

Marcus becomes the “most improved” contestant. He went from being just seconds away from being a fatal victim of Russian Roulette, to surviving many more bullets and getting TWO upgrades. From Cattle class, to business class, to first class.

Now he’s one final upgrade away from the private jet.  Woooooh.

In 60 minutes – LITTLE MIX – The Road to Wembley

10pm – Amelia,

11pm – We finally answer the question you want answered.

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