Today’s Press.

Another strange day in the papers.

MARCUS is just no where to be seen at all. One theory I had on this is on newspaper websites they place stories more likely to be clicked higher up the page, and change these around depending on what’s attracting interest. Could it be that Marcus is just not attracting interest?

AMELIA had an interesting piece in the Mirror. On the face of it, quite negative – but more focused on Kelly. I’m not sure which way it could go. Basically “Mentor and Amelia not getting on like a house on fire”. Kelly spent ten minutes in Middlesbrough in Amelia’s house (which is probably all the producers wanted/needed) and they were texting rather than talking in a nightclub (which again can be heavily exaggerared). So do the voters want to punish Kelly for her cock up and Amelia for not running the whole distance, or do they have sympathy for her

LITTLE MIX – Have the front page of the Sun again. PERRIE DUMPED ME FOR ZAYN is the outrageous headline, with a couple of pages of the ex showing some photos of her and moaning that the relationship was ended after boot camp (probably because she was working so hard). There’s a tiny bit where he wishes them all the best. Remember Perrie and Tulisa have both denied this story to the Mirror, but the Sun writes….

“I didn’t believe it, but when I read it was true I was jealous as I still had feelings for her.”

“When I read it was true….”. Outrageous.

The Press Team could have stopped ALL of this with a simple tweet from Perrie. We saw a HUGE push to get LM to the final, with loads of positive stories. This week has been a fairly negative or neutral week.

So again, either it is true and Perrie and Tulisa are lying, or the press team have been deliberately or accidentially inept. They do stick a quote from Tulisa about the girls inspiring women around the UK, so it’s not all bad!

My guess is there will be some big piece tomorrow in the papers about Marcus. It’s been too quiet so far for him. In dishing out who got to go to the home towns, it looks like The Mail got Marcus, the Mirror the Mixes, the Sun Amelia. Circulations? Amelia 1. Marcus 2. Mixes 3.

The Mixes were also done on Wednesday, Amelia and Marcus it appears on Thursday.

This has not been a good week for Little Mix in terms of press…..

In summary. NEGATIVE for Little Mix. NEGATIVE for Amelia (HMV etc – even though that story is just nonsense), REASONABLE for Marcus (All that sharing a stage with Gary Barlow and talking to Kate stuff).

And finally. Just for a laugh for regular readers.   I don’t even need to tell you what to look out for do I!

On the odds I think the Markets are starting to get it right. Little Mix (2.36 – should be longer), Marcus (3.25 – raced in over the last 24 hours, correctly in my view), Amelia 3.85 (moving out – again correctly in my view).

8pm TONIGHT – Betsfactor 24 – Continuous coverage ON THE HOUR. EVERY HOUR.


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  1. Have a look at the top rated comment:

    Sounds like more of a case of the press sidelining Marcus rather then a lack of public interest. (Which clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed).

    One thing I have noticed on the DM site is that all the negative articles for Marcus and Little Mix have supportive and positive comments as the most liked. Amelia however always gets negative comments as the most liked (even if the article spins her in a positive light). Even further, comments like ‘Amelia to win’ or even more thoughtful comments like ‘lovely girl, good luck’ etc. Receive the most dislikes. Ofc I guess I need take into account that this is the DM and to take everything (including their readers opinion) with a massive pinch of salt!

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