23 TO WIN – The Eleven o’Clock Question

Every 11 o’Clock until the winner is announced, we’re asking “Who’s going to win” and is the historic announcement on shaky ground?

It’s 11pm.


Who’s going to win?


We’ve said it again and again and again and again. At 75-1 we said they would outperform, we suggested a nibble at 14 – 1 and final answered it a 2-1….

Three new clues from tonight:

– THE PHONE NUMBERS – As I pointed out at the top of the live blog, the producers very cleverly stuck Marcus top and Little Mix second. Those phone numbers haven’t changed, so it’s only logical that the order is maintained… so by sheer chance who’s on last tomorrow night. Oh look – Little Mix! With Amelia out of the competition, that’s the most sensible way of running it so the “phone now” VT’s follow a logical order.

– THE DUET – Was much better than I ever imagined. Tulisa sang the first part with great grace, which will have gone down well with any of the OAP backers. They had no backing vocal support to begin with, but this was soon ramped in to hide any problems. The fact that the producers are more than happy to help in this way shows they are chosen to get to the final at least.

– COWELL BACKS LITTLE MIX – Surprise Surprise the Kingmaker appears and says that all the acts were terrific but he’d say Little Mix won the night. He talks about how “special” it would be if “history were made tomorrow night” and a girl band were to win it. Cowell really could teach the jokers running this show back in Britain a thing or two. This is the sort of thing we need to hear. This is HISTORY. Not a game show. It’s a historic event that kids in 2300 will be studying. “The Gary Barlow roadblock” that was overcome, the styling, the “ET” moment.  Now, only, say 2 million max, are going to see this endorsement, but the hardcore X fans are the ones most likely to vote in my opinion. Also this endorsement will be reported on all the websites between now and 9:10pm tomorrow. These producers, who have made some gaffes this year, will want to please Mr Cowell. And how can they best please him?

There’s stacks more to come tomorrow, but that’ll do for tonight.

Next – We start counting down the Top 10 performances of the series.

10am – Paper/Web review

11am – The 11 o’Clock Question

Noon – We start analysing the final.


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