This is it, the final Saturday night live blog. Lots to say on this first…

1. We use Betsfactor’s patented unique traffic light colouring system. Each performance is rated GREEN, AMBER or RED depending on how good it was. This week we’ve changed the unique traffic light colouring system. GREEN means “WINNING SEGMENT”, AMBER means “Hmmmmmmmmmm. And a screwed up face”, RED means “What the **** was that doing on stage in a live final at Wembley Arena in front of a live audience of 10,000 and 12 million people at home”. It’s important to remember that traditionally the ratings were for how safe are they. So you need to think of the ratings being a combination of:

– VT ,  Judges Comments,  Other Factors and the actual performance!

2. I’d love your thoughts at any point. Friends text me or e mail me (they pop up on the computer screen live!), you can TWEET me @straffon or CONTACT me here.

3. YOU NEED TO HIT REFRESH. Hit the Betsfactor 24 logo at the top of the screen or refresh your browser. Also half way through we’ll be changing to part two of the blog, so if it suddenly stops, that’ll be why.

4. Remember these are my LIVE reactions. I’ve only one eye on the screen, so my opinions will often change once I’ve seen the show back properly. So make sure you are back on Sunday for more considered thoughts.

5. Little Mix will win. As we told you again and again and again.


Not sure I want the word “sick”used  by Little Mix. Interesting that they led the VT and closed it. That was a superb VT. Superb.

Last year’s final was pretty ropey – they really need this one to be spot on. So far this is exceptional TV.

Worried about the acoustics so far. Karen’s prediction of COBALT BLUE is spot on! Just a day early! The cheers just got louder across that panel. That could have an impact.

Is there a star at the top of Marcus’ Christmas Tree….?

This is slightly concerning, it’s Marcus and five backing singers. By the way this is incredible incredible television. last year’s final was really poor. So far they have thrown the kitchen sink at this.


Looks like Marcus FIRST, Little Mix SECOND, Amelia THIRD. Good Good Good….

OK – So Little Mix lead and closed the opening VT – but the use of the word “Sick” was a deliberate decision to try and make them quite yooofy. I suspect they mimed the whole of the Greatest Day song, but they made Marcus’ vocals sound like it was live. All good for him.

Marcus – 

Gary is just such a regular guy – he drinks cups of tea. The support for Marcus is incredible, his mum has actually put a poster up in her window for him. He got to spend a bit of time with his mother “just me and her the way it’s always been”. Nice relatable line. You, your mum a cameraman, a sound guy, a producer and a runner. TEARS!!! WE HAVE TEARS. ON CAMERA.


Well, that performance had it all. Far far far too much wooooooooooooooooo ing but a great confidence. If you’ve been reading this blog from the start you’ll know I think I might (MIGHT) have found a third subliminal message. Just to let you know, that performance had it in. So that’s another one. That was an adequate performance, with loads of confidence. It just looked absolutely massive. Absolutely huge. So a great start for him. The more dancers you have the bigger your star. Louis used the MAGIC word again. It’s all absolutely ridiculous. Gary was rather quicker on his feet for the standing ovation than anyone else…! Very good.  Marcus’ music teacher uses the magic word as an extra bonus. GREEN 

Little Mix – Much less opportunity for an emotional cry VT when you are a group.- “you believed in me from day one” says Leigh Anne. Slightly concerned at the way they are picking rather crap sounding town names…. I’m about five minutes behind by the way….  They nailed those vocals to begin with, but then it started getting weaker –  Leigh Anne. Nice backing vocals behind them as well. I would say that was good, but not great. Decent cry VT and a hint of rap. Hints of rap are not what we want. I would say that they delivered. VOTE FOR LITTLE MIX NOW from Louis. You are something incredibly special says Kelly.  Gary behaved. AMBER.

Your thoughts “Little Mix way better than Marcus” says Chris. Rob says “what’s happened with LM’s styling – back to the ghetto”. Karen puts Marcus ahead in the styling.

Amelia – I am surprised that Amelia is on last in this competition, does this indicate that the vote for Marcus has been very very good? Or the Mixs? They put matt on first when they were confident that he would win. Love the Iceland party food they’ve put on for Kelly. The crying wasn’t even as good in this VT. Everything about it was average. Teenage girls burst into tears. Kelly looks throughly awkward throughout. VT – very very unremarkable. Well, I’ve just laughed out loud. What colour scheme have we here…. The judges gave lukewarm praise – Louis and Tulisa reminding people of her journey. She strikes me as a woman of few words. Kelly furious with Dermot asking about the buffet. The Real references are for Real Radio for people not in the know! RED

Louis is far far far too excited tonight.

Pleased about the VT packages that they have just shown for the phone numbers, they picked a partciularly Whooooy bit for Marcus and particularly decent bit of the LM performance.

I think it’s hilarious that they have RED AND BLACKED Amelia in the final. Naughty Producers.

Then again they’ve RnB’ed JLS!

OK people – we’re back in two seconds on the second part of the blog…..  



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