In 60 minutes we answer the question you want answering. Every Eleven o’Clock we ask “Who’s going to win”. I’ll answer that at 11.

Well where do we begin after that.

ITV2 will give us some clues – This is still LIVE. I suspect the judges will be a bit off their guard.

Gary says “Marcus is the all round package, he can sing, he can dance and he’s the loveliest guy he really is”.

Tulisa says “I don’t want to be harsh… but you did it because you believe in them – what’s the point if you don’t vote now…  you need to vote now”. Usual nonsense.

Gary says we enjoyed the performance  “it looks from the votes that everyone at home did as well”.

Kelly is asked who she is rooting for – she gives a very very limp answer. That maybe implies she prefers Marcus “You know what it’s really tough because I absolutely adore Marcus and I’ve watched him grow in this competition and he’s just brilliant – but I love me some Little Mix as well. They are so talented – I see such a bright future for both acts, I’ll probably be voting for both.

Tulisa was asked  whether because Perrie lead “You got the love”, that she was listening to Gary. Tulisa “No it’s something I would have done anyway – each week a different girl will take the lead beacuse it’s suited to their vocal – it just so happened that that one was suited to Perrie.” Gary starts a BIG SMIRK…. “I don’t believe in lead vocals with Little Mix – strong individuals uniting together”. Gary tries to wipe the grin with a swig of tea.


Here comes Cowell.

Simon calls the final “one of the best I’ve ever seen and I wasn’t on it”.  


“Without a doubt Little Mix won the night. “. 

I’ve got to say Little Mix are a revelation – if a girl group wins the show it kind of makes history and maybe something special is going to happen….

Judges sycophantically laughing at Simon’s gags.

Gary asked what he likes the most about Little Mix. His smirk arrives again and he says he loves their camaradaery (or however you spell it). Then he goes on to praise their voices and their uniqueness. And claims he’s enjoyed every single one of their performances…!?

OK people – we will leave it there and maybe come back to this tomorrow afternoon.

In 30 minutes…. The Eleven o’Clock Question.


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