25 TO WIN – Live Blog Part Two

Welcome back to the LIVE BLOG.


Don’t forget: These are live ill thought through opinions, you can tweet me at any time @straffon, Strangers  CONTACT ME and friends just text away  or e mail me, and I’ll publish your thoughts as if there are thousands of people getting involved. You also need to hit REFRESH a lot – or click on the Betsfactor 24 logo at the top left of the screen every few minutes.


This is a superb final.

Here’s where we’re at. Little Mix will be on last tomorrow. They’ve been very clever with the phone numbers. This is all good. Amelia was good but it was all lukewarm, Little Mix acceptable and Marcus had the biggest stage production.

Greg writes – did you notice when dermot was on stage with Amelia, he also told viewers Marcus & Lmix’s voting numbers! Big Neg Amelia 🙂 Nah dude – he’s done that for everyone….

Louis is FAR too excited tonight.

Marcus – Here’s the VT we knew was coming everyone! Gorgeous piece of piano music…. One of my favs. This VT is the critical moment for Marcus, they could have let it run a bit longer…. Well, I’ll give the VT a GREEN. I’ll give that performance a AMBER. As I said earlier, the VT was way way more important than the song! Marcus looked great in the DJ. But that was 100% NOT the game changing duet it could have been.

Remember this article from 5pm. Karen tweets – check out the contestants at the beginning!!! Metallics, black, gold…. Here we go.

Little Mix – Tulisa is NOT everything that you are about! You are classier! Disappointing that they didn’t get any crying on their VT. Marcus gets TWO cry VT’s – Little Mix One. That first song was excellent vocally. I listen with headphones…. There’s also a lot of backing vocal help…. Personally I thought that was very very good. I did shout “no no no no no no no” when Jesy started beatboxing, simply because they won’t win over the 65+’s with that. Olly Murs talking to the Mayor of South Shields is hardly the image we want on our screens immediately after either. GREEN. 

I need one more example of the new subliminal thing and I will run with it…. ONE MORE EVERYBODY. It happened during Little Mix.

Amelia – “Right from the start I knew that Amelia had something”. Of course you did Kelly. Amelia says she is pals with Kelly Rowland. Again I’m not sure…!  Kelly looked more nervous than Amelia!!! This is very very good. Great vocal, only problem was that they sung it like two human resources managers from Kettering at a Christmas party. Could that final note from Amelia be a note that puts her into the final.  “From her voice to her…. ” er….. Amelia with that Yorkshire accent and the fact she’s so young comes across rather Janet Devlin in her interviews – it’s just her age. GREEN 

Well all three acts came through those duets unscathed. Those were BIG BANANA SKINS. All three survived.

Well done Leona’s people – you’ve picked a love song and performed it in front of 10,000 people who just want to scream at someone.


Welcome back – WordPress decided to do some routine maintenance on my server – brilliant.

OK – I think my 1, 2, 3 still stands. I’d say the Marcus cry VT will have helped.


 = Instant Thoughts =

Little Mix – The Tulisa duet moment was the moment they could have lost it – but they nailed the first bit, so they sort of “proved they can sing”, they then stuck in a bit of rap (VERY dangerous), but I think they started the right way round.

Marcus – The VT about his mum was the most important moment of the show, but surprisingly they didn’t spend that long on it. The duet was fine – it was adequate. A sort of “pass” but no distinction. Gary kind of made it seem a bit dull….

Amelia – Red and Blacked in the first round (naughty), and the second performance the stage was set in a way that did make it look pretty karaoke. Her Yorkshire drone really doesn’t help her and her age as well.

Question – is there going to be a live blog tomorrow night – Absefrigginglutly.

Not happy that Little Mix are announced first,…..  this rather boosts marcus….

Although it does mean he walks off to boos….! That’s what I like to see!

YET ANOTHER WINNING WEEK FOR BETSFACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!  We tipped Amelia to go at 2.08. Now over 500% UP! And STILL the Little Mix 75-1 to come in….


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