27 TO WIN – The Song Choices

The song choices are in, here we go UK…!

BETSFACTOR IS LIVE at 8pm. Join me for the live blog.

Here’s how I think the songs line up….
Marcus Hey Ya 

Hey Ya is a difficult song to sing, but does suit his voice and the dancing will mask any vocal issues! He’s coming in on an aeroplane apparently, and there will be loads of dancers with suitcases. This will look pretty camp and I expect to see LOADS of stars on the suitcases!!  (6/10)
Little Mix You Got The Love

I suspect that the VT will be about friendship and hopefully the girls will be blubbling on demand. This is a great contempoary tune, given a whole new lease of life my Florence and the Machine. Also perfect for Perrie to hit the really high notes. Not quite sure what the other three are going to do though.  (8/10)

Amelia Lily Ain’t No Other Man

Dire song choice for her – she’ll need to be spot on with this and the lack of a stage show for an upbeat performance speaks volumes. She’s about 4/1 to win this now.  (2/10)

Marcus & Gary She’s Always A Woman

He’s dedicating this to his mum. Gary’ll be on the piano, and the whole thing has “not a dry eye in the house” written all over it. The VT will almost certainly focus on family, Marcus’s relationship with his mum etc. Gary will be subtly in the background, and really the way Marcus sings this is irrelevant. It’s a song that people relate to hugely and was absolutely massive last year (as well be prior to that!). Set up with a decent VT and maybe with a few tears at the end and BOOM. (10/10)

Little Mix and Tulisa Empire State Of Mind/If I Ain’t Got You

This mash up doesn’t really have a story attached to it, given the duets are going on SECOND, I would be pretty worried that the Marcus cry VT will over shadow the Little Mix VT. Tulisa can sing, but I’m worried about this one. (4/10)

Amelia Lily and Kelly Rowland – River Deep, Mountain High – I suspect this won’t be that bad! The lack of chemistry between the two of them may become evident when we see this played out! (6/10)

The signs are again suggesting a Marcus win with these song choices…. He has by far the best two songs with a score of 16/20. Little Mix 2nd 14/20 and Amelia 3rd 10/20.


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