28 TO WIN – The CRITICAL Phrase

In watching many of these TV shows I’ve noticed a pattern I’m going to share with you.

In fact before I do – given I’m about to give you a gift, could you do something for me… and fill out my two minute Betsfactor survey. You can give me a gift just like I’ve given you one.

It’ll only take a couple of minutes and I’ve been doing this blog to learn about getting an audience and serving that audience – given you are that audience, could you just answer 10 questions for me. Thanks!

In recent years, they have had to be whiter than white when it comes to talking about voting. After Blue Peter fixed that naming the hamster or whatever it was, and various other incidents, they have had to be VERY careful to avoid even the merest whiff of voting cock ups, that’s why Dermot has to read out approximately 8,000 words of terms and conditions every time he mentions voting.

The key, is listening to the little things they say. They want to maximise call revenue, so if they can say it’s close. They will.

IF they DO say anything like “it’s very close at the top” or “it’s very close at the bottom”, normally with some sort of evidence, “just two percent seperate the bottom two”, then get hitting the markets for someone who is an outsider. It is the clearest indicator to some sort of shock.

IF they DON’T say anything like that, they want to be able to, but they can’t! Legally, they aren’t allowed. It means there is a clear front runner, or the bottom candidate is miles behind.

Given the close nature of the competition, at the start of tomorrow night’s show listen for the magic phrase. If it comes, it’s close, if it doesn’t there’s clarity.


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