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Karen Jones Russell is one the leading stylists in the UK. “Yeah that’ll do” is what she said when I asked if I could write that. She’s styled everyone from Coleen Rooney to David Beckham and very.co.uk to Matthew Williamson. She’s given some of her very expensive time to the world famous Betsfactor.com.


Firstly what do you think of my novelty bet on Tulisa to wear black at the final – 15/8.

I’d go for gold if I were her.

They have Tulisa Gold at 5/1. Kelly they have at 4/1. 

Gold is a winning palate in a two fold strategy- they want to look as seasonable as possible, gold is a classy way to do festive, but they also want to look like they are the leader, the winner and the biggest fashion success, therefore gold strikes the note. Kelly is more likely to win the style battle to wear gold. Metallics look fantastic on black skin particularly – her skin tone looks amazing in gold.

Both to wear gold?

No if one goes for gold the other will go for metalics, sparkles or pewters  probably with a base colour of black. If one of  them is brave they might go for a seasonal colour, red for Christmas or they might go for a autumn winter 2011 colour – cobalt blue or emerald. If none of these colours appear the stylists need sacking

OK – Kelly 4/1 Gold – Tulisa 15/8 Black

Yes that sounds sensible. If Tulisa was going to wear a colour, she’d  go for red, maybe tonight and then black tomorrow.

It’s a shame Paddy Power don’t do doubles on this important market. Onto the styling of the contestants of the final three – who’s up and down?

Marcus is always up – they’ve nailed his style to a tee – capitalising on the pink pound they completely nailed it – he always looks classic but with a quirky twist; brave with his colour choices, fashionable but not too serious. Amelia has been my thumbs down throughout the competition, for someone who’s supposed to be a rock chick when they’ve put her in that trend she looks like she’s doing a mediocre homage to rock. The irony being she should be the easiest to style – great body shape, useful, but can be dressed to look any age within a decade of her actual age. That said, my hucnh is I am not her target audiecne – she appeals to the girl who likes to be experimental but doesn’t always get it right, therefore being seemingly attainable in her fashion sense. Little Mix– I can see what they have been trying to do – sometimes they got it spot on, sometimes they get it so wrong. Last week for instance they looked like they were fairies that you got in the 1970’s on the top of a toilet. The key with Little Mix is to capitalise on their youthfulness, their playfulness and the energy between the four of them. They’ve tried to preen them too much too soon, and the playfulness the girls had originally, has got lost down the line.

But those glasses Perrie wore… that street style thing that looked ridiculous

No it was great – it was really cute. That realisitically is what their target audince is wearing – they looked aspirational but not out of reach. As long as they aren’t over styled they will appear to the mums who can relate to what their children are wearing. Last week it just didn’t look like they’d made an effort.

Do you think they were sabotaging their efforts last week

Yes from a styling point of view – In the first few weeks it was believable that the girls were wearing what they wanted to wear, but as we’ve gone along, you think that they have had less say in it.

Whos’ going to win

I would like Little Mix to win, I think they are deserved winners, in all honesty probably the least vocally talented out of the remaining acts, but they’ve gone on the biggest journey. My gut tells me Marcus is going to win, this is Gary Barlow’s show.



More from Karen at http://www.fashionstylist.me/

6pm – The one critical phrase you need to listen out for.

7pm – The Songs



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