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Jamie Wood, worked along side some of the UK’s biggest chart stars as the editor and producer of the third biggest chart show on UK radio – The Smash Hits Chart show. He also oversaw phenominal audience growth at the UK’s leading digital radio station, The Hits, so he knows his chart music. A career in hit music radio spanning over a decade means his opinion is filling up the pages of Betsfactor 24 in an article that should certainly not be seen as filler content….

I’m delighted to say he joins me on the blog now.

So question one, who’s going to win it?

Well, I think that the winner of this X Factor is actually the closest we’ve been to going to the final. I wouldn’t be necessarily surprised at any of them winning it – it really it interesting to see how it’s going to unfold. I favour Little Mix, but I could not be 100% certain that they’re going to win it.

OK Why Little Mix?

They offer something different. We’ve seen male winners of recent years fail to make any impact on the charts. Amelia is an interesting one – because she has only completed half the show – so we don’t know too much about her. I don’t think she would offer too much to the current pop market – she’s a second rate Pink or maybe a third rate Kelly Clarkson. Little Mix though, do offer something different to the UK music charts. Girls Aloud’s future has questions marks against it, The Saturdays have never really managed to take Girls Aloud’s crown. The charts are probably at this time crying out for a new girl band

Also the Sugababes…

Yeah, their constant faffing with their line up has seen them drift away. Their isn’t a premier UK girl band – Little Mix could become this.

Yeah, but do they really need to win it – because I asked you was going to win?

I don’t think it would be a disaster if they lose this – I think the time of eight months out of the limelight to see their return co-incide with radio roadshows, and a Superbass style catchy summer anthem would do them some good. This would also give them the time to hone their image and sound. Whilst I’m not convinced that One Direction will have a long career, they did get a fantastic first single, well written and very summery. it sounded fresh and well polished.

But surely they’ll have that time if they win?

Yeah, but if you win then your first single comes out almost immediately – and you lose the momentum. If I was Simon Cowell, I’d release an album of songs straight away! They’ve made a few crucial mistakes recently with Joe and Matt. They’ve held off their projects for nine months working on album when people want to see these acts. They are hot property on the 15th of December, but every day that passes they become less interesting. They need to put these artists out there instantly. When they did it with Shane Ward they kind of got it right, because they bought it out around Easter, which kind of had more impact.

So what’s your argument for them winning on the night then – surely they don’t need to….

Well, they are developing a fan base. Who knows what the producers are thinking.

What’s your 1, 2 3 then?

Little Mix 1, Marcus 2, Amelia 3.

Who else will have a massive career on the back of this year?

I think it’s been a really poor series. I honestly think “which act in a year from now will UK fans get excited?” Little Mix, possibly if marketed correctly and the image is right, then Misha B – but I think somehow the damage is done with her. She does have a little star quality there. I think only Little Mix will be talked about in a year from now. Little Mix could be at least as big as Girls Aloud, probably not in Spice Girls terriority, but they have the potential. It’s all about the right songs! On the X Factor it’s so easy because they are given cover versions, the songs need to connect in the same way. They need decent songwriters and they could nail it, but this has been a pretty average year.

OK so finally back to the show – what makes you think that they can win actually on the night. What makes you think people will pick up the phone.

Well I think the biggest test is the Marcus / Gary collab. That is going to be a pretty big performance – it’s just whether peopple feel really connected to Marcus. I think Little Mix because they are four young girls have a wider fan base. For instance,think of Atomic Kitten who the young kids warm towards. Now young kids may not vote, but they might nag their parents to vote. Equally mums may like them, they are just very likeable girls. But this final is very very close to call. The Gary Barlow factor could win it for Marcus. Compare the number of records that Gary Barlow has sold compared to N Dubz!

5pm – A Fashion Stylist speaks.
6pm – The criticial phrase you’re listening out for tonight.

7pm – Song choices dissected.



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