31 to WIN – One Article

As I’ve said countless times before, the site you should be reading before you come here is Sofabet.com. Their analysis is always thoughtful, well written and considered, as opposed to sensationalist, “what I reckon” and overhyped which you may encounter on lower quality sites. One thing they like to do at the start of a series (well for a couple of years) is guess the full top 16 order, even before they’ve heard the acts perform. Whilst always stated as just a bit of fun, invariabley writing a chart like this without having seen the acts in the studio is going to bring up all sorts of gaffes, like tipping Little Mix for 13th spot and Nu Vibe to be in the top 6. But if they could predict the entire top 16, in order, they’d be millionaires!

The one thing they did do, is tip Marcus to win, right from the start. I’m sure there will be times when they thought this was maybe looking shaky. But Marcus has risen through the ranks and is now a front runner to be second. 😉 <winky face>

Today they reiterated this tip and backed Marcus.

If you read one thing this weekend, I urge you to go and read this. It will give you much needed balance from just a tad of Little Mix bias you get on this site (I’m only biased because I love you reader and I want you to be correct, as I am).

They too acknowledge a hint of emotional bias in their prediction, but their excellent article is written on a solid factual foundations, with proper polling evidence and a few predictions about Marcus’ VT’s.


They are, of course, wrong. 

Next – A radio programmer speaks.

5pm – A Fashion Stylist Speaks

6pm – The critical phrase you need to be listening out for….

7pm – Songs Revealed and analysied

8pm – Betsfactor LIVE! 


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  1. If Marcus wins, will the last person to leave Wembley please turn out the lights? Fingers crossed it will be Betsfactor wot won it.

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