33 to WIN – Lunchtime Bites

Welcome to Betsfactor 24. We’re 24 hours a day until the winner is announced.


Two Mins – Firstly, why on earth haven’t you filled in the Readers Survey yet? I’m writing all this garbage for you entertainment and you haven’t given me just two minutes of your time to slag it off! One interesting thing coming out is that my readership is about 90% MALE! It’ll take two minutes (three if you fill in a comment), and I’d REALLY appreciate it.

X Factor Website – Has suffered a HUGE drop in visitors this year. This article in Media Guardian fails to notice the connection with the launch of Betsfactor.

Celebrity Endorsements – The Sun today write about celebs that are supporting different acts. To my annoyance they claim Kate and Wills are “following” Marcus. I’m not sure that’s strictly true is it guys…? In terrific news for Marcus, Liz from Atomic Kitten is backing him “He puts his heart into everything he does”. Equally as fantastic is the news Matt Cardle is backing Amelia (along with Louis of course!), “I’m really loving Amelia Lily, along with the rest of the planet”.

Amelia – Her two pages in the X Factor pullout in the Sun are fairly mediocre. The dad had a dream she’d win and astonishingly saw an ad in the paper a few days later looking for people to apply. Blah blah. “Privately educated” is never what the papers want to see.

Marcus – His teacher, Mike Foy could see him as “a popstar, in musical theatre or even as a TV presenter”. I’d go for 1,2,3 on that Mike. A year as a popstar, two years in Buddy, three years on Bidup TV. In that order. Gary Barlow was very nice “I couldn’t have a better person to work with” and Gordon Smart talks of how Marcus is analysing other popstars performances on Youtube and really taking it seriously.  Marcus is a nice guy is the basic message you get !

Little Mix – The Sun talk to the Mixmums – Jade is getting advice of Joe McElderry as they are good friends. She’s also had hypnotherapy in the past for stage fright. “She can be physically sick with it”. Oh good. Jesy loves football! And is a coach at West Ham’s football academy. Lots of bullying stuff on her. The girls have “really helped her through this”. Perrie had to be BRIBED to go to the auditions. Her mum said “I said if you go, I’ll get you an iPhone”!. The Sun AGAIN repeat the Zayn line, and print a quote from the mum about the ex, but nothing about the supposed dating thing. Leigh Anne’s mum doesn’t say a great deal.

Twitter – Also in this eight page pullout they list the number of twitter followers, Marcus has 375k, Amelia 315k, Little Mix 275k. Number one with 395k? Frankie!

This afternoon:

– The one phrase you need to look out for tonight. 

The one article you should read this afternoon.

Novelty Bets – Any worth a punt?

– FROM 8pm BETSFACTOR LIVE. Join us for the LIVE BLOG with INSTANT (about 6 minutes behind) reaction to the unfolding drama.


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