34 TO WIN – Turnout

Most of us Factor Fans are too young to remember this moment!

Neil Kinnock’s infamous Sheffield Rally. He bounds up on the stage, introduces the new cabinet to the UK. Screams Weeeeerrrreeee alrightttttt a few times (the equivalent of a Whoooo in Moves Like Jaggar). He then gives a triumphant speech to the nation.

Only, he hadn’t won yet! This was being done a few days BEFORE the vote. That, and the Sun’s backing (the equivalent of a popular boyband and some celebs getting behind you), was widely seen the reason that Labour lost the 1992 election, when they had an open goal.

There is a danger of that happening this weekend. Little Mix are the act that, in my view, Cowell knows he can have the most success with. By revealing via “a source”, that he thinks they can be as big as the Spice Girls and with many of the papers (The Sun, The Express and the Mail) all running the “they are the real winners whatever happens” line, we shouldn’t be certain that the voters for Little Mix will turnout. Just like in 1992, if the voters get the impression that it’s in the bag, they don’t bother to vote. Equally, if they get the impression that it doesn’t really matter, because they will have a career anyway, they don’t turnout.

Turnout is further affected this year with text voting being suspended for the final. The general feeling is that this is bad news for acts with a younger fan base. Teenagers may decide to use all their £10 Pay As You Go credit to vote for the act they love (so they can boast to their friends in the playground that they voted 20 times <giggle>), but if it’s Mum and Dad’s phone bill, they are far less likely to vote more frequently.

Marcus has had a VERY low profile in the last couple of weeks in terms of press coverage. They’ve let Little Mix soak it all up and a bit of Amelia fix stuff that they can’t really control. Amelia could pick up underdog status after plenty of rumours this week of a bit of awkwardness between her and Kelly. Marcus just trundles along whilst the papers all scream about how brilliant Little Mix are, again mobilising Marcus’ supporters and dampening Little Mix’s?

It’s a danger to consider.


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