35 to WIN – The 11 o’Clock Question

Every 11 o’Clock until the winner, we ask Who’s going to win and is the historic annoucement still solid?


If you read what I wrote twelve hours ago, you’ll know I was waivering. I still felt that Little Mix were most likely to win, but I was a bit concerned about their treatment over the last couple of weeks.

There were two key papers for me, The Sun and The Daily Mail. BOTH ran fantastic pieces on Little Mix.

* They got the FRONT PAGE of the Sun. (Well so have many people and it’s not always a good thing!), saying they can be as big as the Spice Girls

* They got a gorgeous classy looking photo shoot in the aspirational weekend magazine, which all the mums will be reading. BOOM. Plus a very very sympathetic piece about their journey and struggle.

* ALL of this will have come out of the Press office. I suspect the Sun’s “source” will also be Press Team related.

* Now, the only problem with this is turnout. As we’ll discuss this afternoon, if the supporters of a party think the result is in the bag, they don’t turnout, so Tulisa will have to have a decent impact tonight. Also, fingers crossed Amelia will go first, which means we have Kelly likely to switch to Little Mix and Louis is also likely to switch (even if just subtly). So we need Amelia out first.

* All three get decent coverage this weekend, but Amelia is portrayed with just a hint of diva about her (Thursday meltdown), she’s not delighted about the staging, Kelly’s embarrassed etc etc. It’s also apparent that Amelia will be gimmick free because Kelly wants to concentrate on the voice blah blah.

* Leona is “rooting” for Marcus, which is interesting – and also I wonder if there will be surprise duets TOMORROW with just two of the acts remaining? Leona and Marcus would be an interesting one.

* Marcus also tops the Yougov poll at the moment. This same poll has “Out of all the finalists who would you most like to go out for a drink with”. Marcus leads that, but Nu Vibe have 1 in every 100 people saying they’d most like to drink with them, meaning I can’t take this poll overly seriously.

So the 11 o’Clock Question. Who’s Going To Win?


And I am WAY more confident about that this morning. 


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