36 to WIN – Paper Review LIVE

You know what, there is SO MUCH to plough through I’m going to do a…


This hour will be as much about getting the facts out there, we’ll worry about analysis at 11 o’Clock and throughout the afternoon. So this is just about facts (although as you know by now, I’m sure I’ll be tempted to throw in a few half baked views).

Let’s start with the most important paper because of it’s circulation:

The Sun- 

* They have an eight page pullout plus on the front page Little Mix grinning up at you with Marcus and Amelia below them. Which is the sort of picture I like. The headline is “Mixed Spices” and we’ve already posted the link to the story that Simon Cowell is delighted with all the acts but “extra excited” about Little Mix. Apparently he “geniunely believes they can be bigger than the Spice Girls”. OK Simon, steady on, they might get three albums….

* They have a YouGov Poll. Who are you going to vote for tonight (at last a question asking about voting intentions and not favourite contestant). Marcus leads with 31%, Little Mix 27%, Amelia 21%. 

* Leona Lewis is backing Marcus. She says the other two are “good” but that she is “rooting for Marcus”.

* Marcus will sing standing on a Jumbo Jet (I wonder what flag might be on that jet!). He’ll be singing “Hey Ya” by Outkast (not a bad call).

* Little Mix will be on Harley Davidsons for some reason and will sing “You got the love” (good call), in front of “a screen of female soldiers who look like Cheryl Cole.

* Amelia doesn’t get any gimmicks like the other two according to the Sun. She’ll be singing “Aint No Other Man”, but Christina…. (Excellent she’ll be 3rd then). She’s also apparently rehearsing “All I Want for Christmas”, so she’s taking on a Mariah song and a Christina song. Dangerous. But equally if she nails it…. The Christina song is one of her weaker ones and less well known ones.

* Bizarre Editor Gordon Smart goes with a Little Mix, Marcus, Amelia 123.

* Important news everyone, MATT CARDLE backs Amelia.

* There’s loads more – the whole 8 page pullout to wade through! We’ll come back to the Sun soon.


* Their TV guide asks the judges to list their favourite performance.

– Kelly goes for Misha – Rolling on a River, but then also says Amelia’s Show Must Go On.

– Louis wheels out cliches about his overs category.

– Gary – Marcus – Higher and Higher

– Tulisa agrees with Betsfactor. “It was a huge turning point for the girls”.

Bet idea – I like the look of Amelia to come third at 2.08. Not going to make that my official weekly bet, yet, but that’s where my head is going….

* They repeat the assertion that Amelia doesn’t get any big stage shows, unlike the other two.

* They suggest that Marcus will arrive on a jumbo jet on SUNDAY’S SHOW. “28 dancers hold up luggage bearing Marcus’s name at one point and then sing along on the wings of the plane”. Well well well. Why would Amelia not have loads of giant gimmicks on Sunday’s show I wonder? Will they even have all three finalists on Sunday? This “no text voting” thing could suggest no, although if it were me I’d want the phone lines open for as long as possible and to carry people over to the final with drama at the top of the show. That Sunday thing could be an error.

THIS WEEK’S BET – Amelia to come third. 2.08. Lockdown.

* I wonder if Marcus’ luggage will have stars on?

Daily Mail

I’m DELIGHTED with this photo shoot in the prestigious Weekend magazine as well….

If you also have a look at Mail Online you’ll see two of the top four stories on the right are about Little Mix at the time of writing.

* Simon Cowell gave them encouragement in the week that Kitty went. Having watched the elimination, he told them “don’t stand there like losers – believe you can win. Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be.”

* Jade on Tulisa’s bullying comments “There was truth in what she said, but it all got resolved.”

* Another telling remark “Things did get a bit heated so we kept ourselevs to ourselves a lot more as the show went on. We’d rather go out and sing well than spend the week arguing with everybody else”.

* As well as great GCSE grades I didn’t realise Jade got 3 A’s at A Level – that’ll play well with the middle classes reading the DM.

Daily Star

As is often the case, it’s fix fix fix nonsense. Headline “The Final Stitch Up” on p4. However, they do notice that Amelia gets no props unlike the other two.

* Great quote from Perrie “It’s so nice when we have mums coming up to us  and saying ‘I don’t mind my daughter dressing like you and listening  to your music.”

* Marcus has already penned an album of songs, he doesn’t want to do cover versions, he’s ready to go into the studio and record them.

* Both the Star and the Mirror use the phrase “stitch up” for Amelia. The Star says Kelly is “deeply embarrassed”.

* This satellite link up will actually be Cowell on Skype on ITV2, not on the main show.


They run a line, I’m a little concerned with as it’s appearing a lot “X Factor 3 will all get record deal”.

I started reading analysis from someone called Dan… and then realised, I’ve read his analysis many times over!! So we don’t need to bother reading that newspaper!

NEXT – 11 o’Clock Question – Who’s Going To Win?

12 Noon – More stuff from the papers.


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