38 to WIN – The Direlist #2

Good morning – Welcome to Betsfactor 24 – The Grand Finale of Betsfactor as we blog around the clock until we get a winner. There’s loads you’ve missed already. The Road to Wembley articles are listed on the left hand side. The Sun this morning is looking pretty positive for Little Mix, and the Mirror lead on Louis’s hair transplant!

We’re counting down the 10 Worst X Factor performances. #1 in 60 minutes… Here’s the tune I’ve reluctantly put at #2. I think this is the FUNNIEST by a mile


Nu Vibe – With or Without You

If I was Bono I would be using every possible legal power in my armoury to ban the X Factor from ever using my songs again after this travestry. If you want to have a good laugh, have a look at the judges reactions to this performance…. Watch the bit at 54s in, when Tulisa has a face of fake pleasure mixed with real pain. This entire production is a prime example of faking pleasure. The judge Tulisa, the five guys who hate each other, the dancers trying to get into an odd happy house version of a beautiful ballad, the look from Kelly at 1m 28 that says to Tulisa, “how the hell did these guys make it this far”, the laugh from Tulisa at 1m 42 when Kelly has obviously said that to her  and she agrees “I know – it’s mental isn’t it” and a horrified Louis Walsh sitting next to her…. then the grand finale of incredibly fake hugging and more feigned enjoyment. This really should have been #1. 


9am – Betsfactor names the worst X Factor performance this series…

10am – Paper Review

11am – We answer it again – who’s going to win?


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