10 TO WIN – Marcus Last Night (Part One)

Two remain. How did the first half of the show treat Marcus last night?

+ He opened the Greatest Day song and was effectively given the lead singer role. He was also almost certainly miming for most of the song, but sounded good…. with plenty of high notes.

+ Marcus wasn’t afraid to cry and indeed did on several occasions during his VT’s.

+ They focused heavily on his relationship with his mum. “The things you sacrified for me and the things that you’ve done”

+ Marcus was transported around in a helicopter. Amelia wasn’t?! Why?!

+ His stage show at Liverpool One made him look like a star, they spent loads of money on the staging etc.

+ His performance to open the show was very very confident.

On the negative side:

-Little Mix opened the opening OTT VT and closed the OTT VT.

– Gary smugly saying “as far as I’m concerned Marcus is the winner” is not really ideal.

– We’ve seen before that focusing on “Vote marcus posters in the window” doesn’t suggest incredible support in your home area!

– I was amazed not to see any stars on the aeroplane etc. Does this mean the stars are done now?! Has the star burnt out?

– If he wants to succeed he needs to lose the whoooooo.

– Watch Tulisa during his first performance, she doesn’t exactly look blown away!

Next – Little Mix’s First Half. Flags and Tears.


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  1. I have to say that to me Tulisa is the most tactical Judge but she is much more subtle than Gary. She know the camera will focus on the judges during the performances and she gave a rather bored/worried expression for both Marcus and Amelia.

    Similary rather than give them lukewarm comments to big up Little Mix (like Gary does) she instead praised Marcus and Amelia for getting to the final and created the impression they had already succeeded (subtle messga for their fans not to worry voting) whereas with Lottle amid she pleaded that the final isn’t enough and that people should get behind th and vote.

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