12 TO WIN – Papers

OK – I’ll level with you. Maybe this morning I am hosting a Santa Run…! (Don’t ask!) Analysis on last nights final is already written and will be autopumped out every hour on the hour and I’ll be back in a couple of hours. So, papers wise, I haven’t seen anything other than online. There might be front pages that have changed. They might be preparing to revamp and bring back the Risk as a “special twist”, for all I know.


Looking back at last night’s final, I would say the actual celeb appearances were all “A list on paper” but “B list on excitement” and interest. They really did look like filler. Other than that I think our friends in the production suite need to be congratulated. That was a superb final. I had fears that Wembley would lose the sound and intimacy, but what they lost in intimacy, they more than made up with with raw BUDGET (and sound was absolutely fine – bar during Leona with people yelling!). They threw heaps of cash at that final (from helicopters for Marcus to huge stage shows for the two finalists) and they made the right decision. It looked fantastic, and that’s only the first half.

They have got an issue with booing! When one act wins, 40% of the crowd could well be unhappy! Marcus was booed when Amelia went!

OK – so let’s kick off with a laughable story on the front of the Daily Star. They’ve played a shopping centre in South Shields, now Little Mix are being lined up to play….. go on… guess…… THE OLYMPIC GAMES OPENING CEREMONY. Of course they are! The Daily Star have a “source”. Click here for that one.

As we predicted here, the Mail Online have picked up on Simon’s endorsement of Little Mix last night. Remember, Simon used the very clever word (because he gets it) “history”. Now, who wants to be part of history? I know I do, I want to be able to say to my grandchildren “I made history happen”.

The Sunday Mirror had some lame story to kick off the early editions about how Little Mix fans couldn’t text vote – well nor can any one else! Not sure about the later editions, but it seems to focus on Amelia going.

It’s interesting again how the Marcus/Barlow thing hasn’t really ignited the showbiz sites. It’s only the fifth X Factor story on the Mirror website. Mail Online doesn’t seem that interested in it.

The People have a fun story – saying Amelia spent an hour in Tulisa’s dressing room during the semi finals…

Finally, for some reason, Jesy dumped this guy before the live finals. He’s wishing them all the best, via the Sunday Mirror.

Does any of this affect the historic announcement? The 11 o’Clock question is next.

11 – The final eleven o’Clock Question.

12 – “Are you ready” Mar  woooooo cus’s “come on now” pros and woooo con’s from “yeah” last night.


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