2 TO WIN – Live Blog – Part One


It all comes down to this. This is the true final. Six songs. Two contestants. One 7940% return.

Welcome to the Betsfactor…


1. We use Betsfactor’s patented unique traffic light colouring system. Each performance is rated GREEN, AMBER or RED depending on how good it was. This week we’ve changed the unique traffic light colouring system. GREEN means “WINNING SEGMENT”, AMBER means “Hmmmmmmmmmm. And a screwed up face”, RED means “What the **** was that doing on stage in a live final at Wembley Arena in front of a live audience of 10,000 and 10.6 million people at home”. It’s important to remember that traditionally the ratings were for how safe are they. So you need to think of the ratings being a combination of:

– VT ,  Judges Comments,  Other Factors and the actual performance!

2. I’d love your thoughts at any point. Friends text me or e mail me (they pop up on the computer screen live!), you can TWEET me @straffon or CONTACT me here.

3. YOU NEED TO HIT REFRESH. Hit the Betsfactor 24 logo at the top of the screen or refresh your browser. Also half way through we’ll be changing to part two of the blog, so if it suddenly stops, that’ll be why.

4. Remember these are my LIVE reactions. I’ve only one eye on the screen, so my opinions will often change once I’ve seen the show back properly. So make sure you are back on Sunday for more considered thoughts.

5. Little Mix will win. As we told you again and again and again and again.

=== HERE WE GO ===

Excellent so it’s Team Barlow vs Little Mix. Louis needs to calm down.

Also that aggressive thing from Gary into the camera isn’t a great image to end on. Girls vs Boys. All good so far….

Hilarious to imply that they are at Wembley stadium with that shot.

Little Mix 1.37 / Marcus 3.75. 

Listen to the crowd reaction when he reads out LM’s name.

Our stylist friend calls it correctly on Metalalics, but we LOSE our Paddy Power for fun bet on Tulisa wearing Black.

Jesy overacting again. Marcus sounds a bit out of tune even though it’s mimed….! Can anyone name that Boyband that sung then?

Dermot off mic “Stay like that that – stay there” to Goldie…

OK – VT’s start with a Wooooooo from Marcus – excellent – AND they cut to a picture of Tulisa looking pretty unimpressed. Superb.

It’s also a weak part of his performance.

Phrases like HARD WORK for Little Mix. “Little Mix fans got you here”. All of this is being edited in favour of LM.

Gary claims he’ll remember it his performance with Marcus for the rest of his life. I don’t think you will Gary.The sell out Circus tour, the incredible Robbie moments, the OBE and singing with Marcus Collins in front of Louis Walsh. Four career highlights.

All good so far LM fans.

Marcus – Their latest technique to p**s us off, is to highlight the whooooing. I think they have decided to run the cry VT for Marcus yesterday to get him in the final – and we should (hopefully) see some tears from Jesy very shortly. Yep – the whooooing is being put in the VT’s to annoy us. Lovely lovely stuff. I love the producers of this show sometimes…. Tulisa looking unimpressed – she’s so smart. If Barlow wants to play at dirty tricks she will as well… Well done Tulisa… DON’T SAY THE S WORD YOU SILLY COW – maybe she’s not as smart!! Kelly talking about bright things as well. Not good. Gary talks about shining as well. Lots of star references…! Have a read of this by the way on Tulisa…  I’d say she maybe overdid the surly look just 10% too much – so she might not have looked great on camera which means that she loses a bit of goodwill from the OAPs. AMBER 

Little Mix – Brilliant – “At last a girl group have made it to the final” – lovely deliberate reference in the script. A song that says “Listen to me”. Now what specific demographic group might that sentiment be appealing to? Hilarious jumping thing and the backing vocals are are ramped up to the max – well done everyone. Jesy needs to stop overacting and this will be perfect. Harmonies spot on and I don’t think Marcus got fireworks! Tulisa should have given them a standing ovation…! Louis again demands the UK vote (he didn’t do that for Marcus), he also talks about their work ethic and tells them next year they will be the biggest girlband in the UK… Ok er… The Saturdays… Sugababes v9.2, er…. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SURPRISE! KELLY DELIVERS TEARS!!!!!!!! Who would have thought it – WHAT A BONUS! The judges not taking any chances… Tulisa is incredible and delivers a speech worthy of the title of greatest speech in reality TV history. GREEN

Do get in touch @straffon on the tweets, texts, and contact me at the top.

This is getting ridiculous now – it’s almost a bit kind of evangelical….!!

EM – Marcus is dire. James spotted “the magic word”, Chris – I hope Little Mix win it – another performance better than Marcus. Caroline – You’re going to win a grand! They are absolutely killing it.

There will undoubtedly be an article from me called “The Greatest Speech in reality TV history” tomorrow.

Danger time now people – Christmas songs will be brand new and an opportunity for cock ups… Focus girls.

Little Mix 1.28 / Marcus 4.4

Marcus – just a subtle homage to red and black with those flames – remember what I said about Russian Roulette. Even better they’ve encouraged him to yell “Happy Christmas” during his performance. This is hilarious how much the producers are helping LM. They are hanging him out to dry here…. He’s on the stage with no one else. This is one of the greatest christmas hanging out to drys I’ve ever seen. I’m genuinely laughing out loud. This is so god awful it’s actually a lesson in how to nuke a contestant in the final. Just brilliant.  No one gives Tulisa the credit she deserves. Very intelligent. Kelly shouts crap about how it’s Christmas…. Gary now realises that he needs to do a speech. Yeah Gazza, but Tulisa spent 5 hours in her dressing room rehearsing hers…. Loved the mistake with the camera as well – even better. RED

How the odds on Marcus have not lengthened after that performance is beyond me.

Little Mix – They are just better. Look at little jade shaking…. What the **** are the stylists doing allowing Perrie to wear earrings that say “OK” on. Ridiculous. She should be wearing “amazing” or “world class” not “OK”. Another mammoth gaffe. A lullaby to soothe the OAP’s. Well done everyone – just to mobilise the OAP vote…. Perfect. Well done everybody. That was a very very very very very dangerous moment and they delivered. Tulisa is absolutely nailing these speeches. She is like Sir Winston. GREEN

OK EVERYONE – WE’RE ON THE FINAL POST BEFORE THE WIN. 49 down. 1 to go. Please now switch to the next post. 


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