1 TO WIN – Live Blog – Part Two


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Welcome back – Louis you don’t need to back your acts any more…..

==== Where we’re at ====

This is basically an evangelical rally for Little Mix, with a warm up guy in a pink suit to gee up the crowd by wooooing. Tulisa has played a blinder. I love Tulisa.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I think Little Mix will win.

More great news – at no stage has Dermot said it’s close, which means there must be a clear winner. If it was Marcus it would surely be close…!

Marcus – This will be a fair contest from now on. They tend to do the same things camera angels etc for the winners single. We just need a few sulky looks from Tulisa. I THINK THEY HAVE THE WORDS ON AN AUTOCUE! Great sulky look from Tulisa.

That was a good vocal from Marcus. Strange arrangement from the producers. I don’t really think this song was intended to be sung with a choir. Marcus did very very very very well. And some tears. Popstar from Louis there. Tulisa STOP USING THE S WORD! OH NO – A RED EYED GARY BARLOW. This is terrible. Bizarrely the odds stay stuck on 4.5. I think those odds should be coming in after that. That was excellent. Gary reveals he wasn’t happy with the song choice. “I felt every lyric” from Marcus. This is an excellent last ditch to get him over the line. Tulisa needs to cry. TULISA MUST CRY. Louis must cry.


Marcus VT – Caroline says “I’m in tears”. Chris says “this is amazing from Marcus”. Robbie Williams backs him. There’s the STAR word. It’s almost as the producers just want to mess with our heads one last time…. GREEN

Got a horrendous shock then…. “The difference between first and second is…. <heart jump> in your hands…”

Little Mix – Tulisa looks ready to cry. Well done Tulisa – this is the moment you need to deliver…. Best girl band, hard to fault you, so proud, great job. Tears are flowing now. Well done… Euan “This is about to push Red and Black to the limit.” Leigh Anne and Jade don’t exactly deliver world class vocals… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m about two minutes behind, but am getting a hilarious amount of texts right now. I wonder why! Look at that autocue as well…. This is NOT as good as Marcus’ version. Marcus won round three. Oh dear. RED

Little Mix VT – This had better be good…. Jessie J, Holly W back them. Two popular women… Hmmm. Not as good as it could have been. “We’re doing this for our mums….” Spot on Jesy. AMBER

James – Red!? No way… Better arrangement and vocals, and tears like we’ve not had them before. Tuilisa cried. What else can we ask for?  Euan – “We’re pushing red and black to the limit”.

=== Where we’re at ====

Dermot hasn’t made any remarks about the voting, so I think we’re safe everybody.

They have picked loads of Whoooos for Marcus just to annoy us….

Whilst you watch Coldplay or in the commercial break could you do me a really quick favour and spare me two minutes for my Betsfactor Survey…

OK what does “every vote is crucial” mean?

I am going to hold my nerve. He didn’t give any hard data or anything!

Jamie – Little Mixes version of Cannonball was better – that version will sound better on the radio. I think though their Silent Night demolition of Marcus’s Last Christmas will ultimately be the clincher tonight – plus Tulisa has been bloody good…..

Minutes to go before the greatest humiliation of my professional career.

If you call live blogging a career.

Ryan – Can’t believe they red and blacked the muffins.

Yeah, on that, they didn’t completely – there were loads of colours on that set and they only started the set wioth Red and Black – but I agree it was a very very very very very dangerous thing to do. Watch the recap VT though…. They key colour is gold NOT red and black. However I am not denying that there was a reasonble hint of Red and Black.

Claire writes – Love the fact they haven’t bothered with dire contestants this year. 


IN MINUTES: What REALLY Happened. =LIVE= The stats revealed… They release the FULL voting data.

Later – Reaction and Analysis. SO MUCH TO DISCUSS.

MONDAY – More analysis of the final. THE LITTLE MIX RALLY. Did it work.

TUESDAY – A poem.

Keep coming back to Betsfactor over the next few days….






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  1. Chatterbox5200

    Hi Richard,

    Well done on your blog, of which I am an avid follower, and have become a subscriber. Although I agree with your research on the whole “Red & Black” theming of an act about to get the boot, I can’t help but notice that the whole X Factor colour scheme is Red & Black, even the logo.

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