I was fed up of friends asking me what was going to happen in the X Factor and then typing long e mails of analysis to people, so I decided to stick it all in one central place.I only ever started this blog to have a laugh and learn about blogging. Both objectives have been met hugely.


The hits have risen impressively over the course of 8 weeks, but have hardly been anything incredible. This is not google. I also didn’t have time to learn SEO tactics, never bothered posting in forums (apart from Sofabet) and didn’t whore myself out as one of those “Writer, Broadcaster and Commentator” nobodys you see on Sky News’ paper review.  I’ve made some big errors (like allowing e mail subscribers, making it a blog and not a website, not bothering with tags or search engine stuff, not starting it on wordpress.org from the beginning etc etc).

Crucially, it looks like I’ve done OK. The key points from the survey…. actually before I do that – why the hell are you reading this when you’ve not filled it out!? You’re like someone who laughs at the Prime Minister and an A List comedy star on Children in Need and then doesn’t bother to call and donate! Could you be really kind and spare me two minutes now to do it! You could make a difference to someone else’s life.

The key points from the survey so far have been “you spot stuff I don’t spot” and “it makes me laugh”. So I think that can be deemed successful.  On the actual betting side –  if Little Mix lose, it’s a massive 440% overall return.  I might be wrong, but I think this is the only TV betting site that lets you see exactly how successful we’ve been. So when I screw up, you see I screw up. And just how unbelieveably brilliant is the screw up going to be if we hear the word “Marcus” at 9:10pm. Breathtakingly brilliant. I won’t just have egg on my face, it will be a full english breakfast and a giant squirt of ketchup with a wink from Gary Barlow’s smug face.

If you placed £10 on all of the tips, you’d be £44 up. Actually that’s not that impressive is it! But this includes an insurance we paid for LM to go in the Semis! On Little Mix, this site (regular readers fill in the gag here), has held its nerve as those odds fell from 75 to 40, to 33, to 25, to 18, to 14 to 11 to 8 to 4 to 2 to evens to 1.4, If they win I hope my friends give me the respect I deserve for the rest of my life. If I lose, well you always knew I was a grade A…. And that other point you’re about to make… yeah, let’s not mention him. Point is, when the girls win, this site will have delivered  a 7940% return and I will have the biggest betting win of my entire life (read point 2 and 7 here). I think a 7940% return for Betsfactor is pretty good!

Generally, I’d say we’ve (use of we when I am talking it up) have got it right. Here and Here for instance.

Someone asked why the Little Mix bias – well, I’d say we’ve been very open and looked at all the evidence. It’s simple, if I think they are going to win I should tell you I think they are going to win! In as over the top, hyped up manner as possible. We gave the site’s final answer (the historic announcement) two weeks ago, not dillydallying around – we gave a decisive conclusive answer on the final five. After the semis I was worried and expressed it in a number of posts, but bizarre as it sounds, the tipping point for me was opening the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine yesterday morning…!  That was the final “yep – they’ve done it” moment for me! Strange I know!

So once again, I’ve enjoyed it – thanks for the comments, kind e mails, honest feedback etc etc – Half from friends, half from random strangers I’ve never met! Sofabet have always been very kind in their articles and once again, I would strongly strongly recommend you follow their superb site. It’s intelligent, well written and in the forums they have some smart people who know what they are talking ab0ut in the forums (don’t they EM). I enjoy Eurovision, but don’t feel I know enough about it to set up a website! So I’ll be in their forums spouting out ill informed drivel like anyone else. Even from this 50 hour round the clock blogging thing I’ve done for the final, I’ve learnt a huge amount (Huge increase – but not 6/8 fold as you’d want – strong evidence of The Long Tail – let people pick the content from a menu)

Will this blog be back again next year in some guise….? Not sure. I’m 50/50.

I will definitely be doing some sort of other blog/web projects in 2012 though. @straffon on twitter if you want to hear about them (of course you do) and I will also make sure I pop up here and tell you about them, and I’m sure you’ll check Betsfactor, twice a day 365 days a year to make sure you’re first to know.

If you could do one thing for me, it would be to fill out the survey so I can learn from this.

The menu is below loads tonight and come back on Monday and Tuesday for a few final bits and pieces.

Have fun tonight.


Here’s the final menu for the final Sunday

6pm – Five things to consider

7pm – Song Choices Analysed / Live Blog

8pm – Live Blog

9pm – Live Blog

9:30ish- WIN

10pm – THE STATS LIVE – The X Factor bosses normally release the voting stats immediately after the final, so you get to see who REALLY happened and who was REALLY ahead/behind. This will be a LIVE BLOG as the revelations unfold.

Monday – Final Reflections and anything else that needs to be said after tonight.

Tuesday – A poem

2012 – Who knows.

PS – On that third subliminal thing, there wasn’t enough for me to credibly blow it open. It’s in the vault should I come back in 2012!


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