6 TO WIN – Search for a Star – Winner

This was the week of “Wishing on a Star”.


On Tuesday we revealed that X Factor producers were either deliberately planting stars next to Marcus or there were absolutely and utterly astonishing coincidences during the staging of his recent performances. The fact we didn’t see any more yesterday was another hint that the aim was simply “to get him to the final”. If you weren’t around have a look at these five posts – starting here….

We then ran a sensational “Search for a Star” competition where readers were invited to win their very own Marcus Collins Star Ring or a Starfinding book or glow in the dark stars, so they could make their own rooms at home look like a Marcus Collins semi final set.

There were a huge number of entries (two) and our winner is: Shoulders

Now, I’m certainly not diminishing the fantastic news that shoulders has beaten one other entrant to win the competition, but my personal view is there were no more stars to be found! I don’t think the M&S advert would have been hugely influenced by X Factor producers. However shoulders you win the prize for the level of the conspiracy you think that is going on with M&S complicit! I don’t agree with this, but I like the effort!


Richard – love the blog – The M & S ad’s song is about a “STAR” . Marcus opens the singing and the shot right before you see him is a purple box with covered in “STARS”, then the first person you see is Marcus sing using the word “STAR”, then it goes back to the box covered in “STARS” third shot of Marcus and he sings “STAR” again at the same time as showing of his “STAR” tattoo. No other soloist sings the word “STAR” FACT !!!

Congratulations Shoulders!


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