7 TO WIN – Little Mix Last Night (Part Two)

Oooops! If you saw something you shouldn’t have, that wasn’t supposed to be on there for seven hours…!

Seven hours until the win – Here’s what I made of the second part of the show for Little Mix.

+ Jake writes this excellent comment, which I agree with wholeheartedly.

“have to say that to me Tulisa is the most tactical Judge but she is much more subtle than Gary. She know the camera will focus on the judges during the performances and she gave a rather bored/worried expression for both Marcus and Amelia.

Similary rather than give them lukewarm comments to big up Little Mix (like Gary does) she instead praised Marcus and Amelia for getting to the final and created the impression they had already succeeded (subtle message for their fans not to worry voting) whereas with LM she pleaded that the final isn’t enough and that people should get behind them and vote.”

Yep – I agree completely. She’s just doing what naughty Gary did last week. But she is defo getting those facial expressions right!
+ I like how this performance rather “made” Tulisa and gave her credibility with any one who has never heard of N-Dubz. In a way, this was a gamechanger for Tulisa, looking (fairly) classy and delivering a 9/10 vocal.

+ There weren’t any backing vocals for 30 seconds, so the girls could prove that they could harmonise – second we get to anything where they might struggle, the backing vocals are ramped up and we’re none the wiser.

+ They were sensible to run the Alisha Keys song first, then break down into hoodrap.

+ If I had to guess where the faders were for the second half of the performance, I would say fully up for the backing track, 3/4th up for Tulisa and about 40% up for the rest of the girls!

+ Jesy keeps beaming. All the way through the show she’s grinning away. Spot on Jesy. But you know what you need to do tonight.

+ Presenters often just repeat the last thing a contributor says when they aren’t concentrating, Caroline does this, accidentally yelling “VOTE LITTLE MIX INDEED” into her microphone.


– Their VT was very bland and didn’t have a single tear in. Focusing on how amazing Tulisa is as a mentor. Adding very little of any interest and just a collection of 60 seconds of cliches. It added absolutely nothing to the game. Missed opportunity.

– Style wise we were just a little too high above the knee for my liking.

– I don’t want to see Jesy beatboxing and nor do my 65 year old friends. Although up against Mr Cabaret I suppose it makes them look fresh.

– Olly Murs rams a mic in the face of the Mayor of South Shields. It’s good to get the music experts opinions on the show, live immediately after it happens. A guy in his 60’s tells us that they will be “through to the final tomorrow no problem”. A slightly scary looking lady has had their name tattooed on her arm. Which I guess is symbolic. Marcus gets a guy who produces a food product which will start rotting after a couple of weeks, Little Mix get a woman who decides their name (likely to change next March after a Dutch food processor company file a law suit) should be on her left arm for the rest of her life.


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