8 TO WIN – Marcus (Part Two)

We’re eight hours away from the win, and racing towards that live blog and then the live STAT ATTACK blog where we look at what really happened.

+ The VT about his mum and what she’d done for him was very good. Marcus is clearly a lovely guy who has been brought up in a broken home and has come from very humble beginnings. What’s nice about him is he doesn’t over do it – but is happy to point it out “all the days of walking to school because we had nothing” etc.

+ The music behind him was superb.  ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi if you want to download it! One of the great modern tear jerkers to throw in to any VT or radio charity package and guarantee those ratings.

+ On his mum…. “I really don’t want to let her down. I think that’s I’m worried about it the most.” God, imagine if he did. It would destroy him. What’s that 0901 number.

+ He looked great in that DJ.

+ Plenty of winning “blue and white” behind him.

+ Hit some of those high notes well.

On the negatives.

– The VT about his mum could have been so so much more. They could have had an emotional reunion. They could have had her sat with him as he sobbed. They could have asked her what he meant to her. They could have asked Marcus what the lyrics meant to him. They could have allowed Marcus a second on stage to dedicate it to his mum. But they chose not to. I wonder why!?

– Crying whilst saying “I really do want to win this” sounds a bit desperate.

– The duet was juts a little bit average, with the piano you had a sort of barrier that prevented any proper chemistry between the two of them.

– I’ve always maintained Marcus is an average singer and that was a very average performance.

– He should have cried at the end.

– There was a cock up (which Dermot alluded to on ITV2 later on) where Caroline Flack was supposed to go to Marcus’ mum. Dermot says “get ready to cry” so we zoom over to Marcus’ section at Wembley, and Caroline Flack’s first question is… to Marcus’s old boss. Just seconds after the big moment, we’re listening to the answer to  “what was Marcus like as an employee”. Yeah, after the high emotional drama of a huge A List star duet, let’s discuss Marcus’ attendance record, general attitude around the workplace and maybe get a few words on his key skillsets so future employers can assess his suitability for vacancies that may come up.

– Worse still, someone called “Nathan” has decided the way to express his appreciation for the ballad we’ve just heard is to “make Marcus’s face out of Marmite and Toast.”  “Er… Ha lang did it…. Ha lang did et taake?”  Nathan tells us it took “about an hour”. A real feat.

Olly then eats Marcus’ left ear.

Marcus is very like Marmite. And he’s toast.


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