9 TO WIN – Little Mix Last Night (Part One)

=== LIVE TONIGHT AT 7:30pm ==== 

I’m back! We’re looking at last night’s show. How did the first half fare for the Mixettes? Positives first…

+ Some people say that a VT can’t get across four different people from a group – but I think we’re starting to get to know all the girls. What’s wonderful is the other three (ie not Jesy) did what they had to do on the VT. All three cried. As I mentioned a few weeks back, we know what tears equal don’t we. Winnings. This is the guy who admitted to a tear rolling down his cheek during the Alexandra Beyonce moment…. You know what, I was quite moved with this VT as well. Leigh Anne talked about her sister – “she believed in me from day one” <cry> Spot on Leigh-Anne. Jesy didn’t cry, but I wonder if that’s coming tomorrow… Perrie choked back tears and tried her best not to break down when her mum said she just had to follow her dreams. <cry> Spot on Perrie. What’s that in the background. Ah yes, a key change to a Westlife track. Jade and her mum have an emotional hug as Westlife plays on <cry>. Spot on Jade and send my congratulations to your mum.

+ Notice how Tulisa did two days worth of promotion with her group. Kelly did rather less… Always good to have a young hungry judge on your side.

+ Watching the girls in the car as they travelled around, there did seem to be chemistry – they did seem to like each other.

+ Watching that first performance again, I think i called it wrongly on my live blog (As I frequently stress I might!) I was about 6 minutes behind at that point in the live blog so was rushing. I’ve now watched it back about 10-15 times, and love the arrangement of You Got the Love. Perrie delivering on the vocals, great stage show. B O O M. Very very very good, compared to a Butlins childrens entertainer and someone being red and blacked.

+ I’ve always admired the Mixette’s concentration (Leigh-anne’s moment last week aside). They are focused on those dance routines and delivering them perfectly…. Look at the focus in their eyes! They just look slick.

+ Loving those flags! Little Mix on all the flags is probably symbolic of something!

+ I loved the image of the mixettes looking up at the Fireworks in wonderment at the end of that opening VT. It was a wonderful metaphor for what the producers wanted to achieve. Which is why it was one of the very last images in the first OTT VT.

“All the stars are coming out for you, they’re lighting up the skies for you… for you….” Once we’ve taken them off Marcus’ jewellery. This image is just great for what the whole show is about. Their arms around each other in a beautiful display of true friendship as they gaze up in celebration and wonderment imagining what’s to come….

+ Nice scream during the “set up the finalists” VT just to show their delight.

+ Tulisa says “It’s about time a group won” and they manage to get the bits of the buble track in the beat of her words – just to emphasise it.

+ They AGAIN end the contestant VT.

– Louis screams “VOTE FOR LITTLE MIX” and all the other judges say decent things.

Negatives from the first half.

– I wasn’t happy about the towns they picked to highlight. Given Craig’s “Kirkby” treatment, forget High Wycombe call it “London” and forget South Shields call it “the North East”

– I hated that dire chant at the top of their first performance. “representing unity, four young girls who had a dream”. A bit cheap and cheesy producers…. And the youngsters are in the bag, we need to win over the 25+’s, so no need for all that nonsense.

– Er that’s about it!

– Wasn’t wild about the styling. But what do I know.

2pm – Part two for Marcus.


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