It’s safe to sign up again if you want to be e mailed when there is a new article. 

The staggeringly tacky logo (I think it’s funny) will stay for a bit, but the garish yellow will vanish in a little while!

Plenty off post show stuff to come if you enjoy Betsfactor.

I’ll be focusing on quality over quantity this week (well, writing less, you can be the judge of the quality).

I’ve re-opened the e mail subscription thing if you want to get it in your inbox. There will be approx 2 posts a day for the next week or so, and then maybe an adhoc one when I feel like it.

Coming up this week:

– Were Little Mix Red and Blacked?

THAT Speech. Tulisa blew me away.

– The Voting Stats analysis (Tomorrow)

– Great things the producers did this weekend.

– The big gaffe the producers made this weekend.

– And plenty more.

– And we’ll close with a moving poem

And if people are still reading and I can be bothered – what I reckon really happened over the series. Just for fun, what I think REALLY went on in the producers heads.

Tomorrow – Voting Stats Revealed.


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