Welcome back. I’ve had a celebratory satsuma.

Betsfactor FINAL CASH STASH – 79.4 points up. We held our nerve. 

We’re waiting for the voting stats to be revealed….. When we get the details I will start pouring over it – this is when you see just what happened.

A few things I’ll be blogging on –

* Why, in my opinion, the producers still haven’t quite sorted things out. They made a HUGE cock up earlier.

* The evangelical Little Mix Rally leads them to success. How the producers helped.

* Were Little Mix Red and Blacked?

* Judges predictions time…

GARY – Goes for – FRANKIE to win.

KELLY – Goes for JANET


Tulisa’s prediction appeared to be tampered with.


Week two – WINNER – Janet. RUNNER UP – The Risk (WOW!)

Week three – WINNER – Janet – RUNNER UP – Johnny (I think that was Darkness week?)

Week four – WINNER – Janet – RUNNER UP – Little Mix (ET Halloween, and Janet’s spooky Police performance)

Week five WINNER – Janet – RUNNER UP Marcus (Reet Petite week)

Week six WINNER – Amelia RUNNER UP – Janet (Show Must Go On week)

Week seven – WINNER – Little Mix RUNNER UP – Misha B (En Vogue Week)

Week eight – WINNER – Amelia – RUNNER UP – Little Mix (Beautiful Week – Amelia gets bounce)

Semi Final – WINNER – Little Mix – RUNNER UP – Marcus

Final – Little Mix / Marcus.

Marcus never won a week.

Janet was absolutely running away with it – but they managed to ditch her – amazing.

There was a real danger of Amelia WINNING the show – she lead the vote in the final five

Lots of very interesting stuff here.

Louis’ made a very very bold prediction – he’s tipping Little Mix to go to number one on iTunes. Astonishing stuff…

Hope you like the tacky logo by the way, my friend Rob spent at least ten minutes on that.

Have you done this yet?!

Still waiting for the detailed stats breakdown….

Well, we can explain the star theory here – they could not have the danger of Amelia winning the show.

Olly Murs hasn’t been bad as a presenter. Philip Schofield talks about how they have made history – of course they have – world history…. Leigh-Anne says she knew they had something special….

The big stat pdf is not out yet – still waiting!

Still waiting. Must also write a post on Tulisa’s Churchill speeches.

Ha – this is a great front page picture – sums it all up!

Got a picture coming up which I will talk about tomorrow…

EVEN on the front of the Times – rightly so…

Coming tomorrow: An amusing and telling photo – why the producers screwed up!

Still waiting!!!!! Might go to bed soon!

Tulisa wants Little Mix to be “RnB (not red and black) pop with an urban edge.”

Just watching ITV2 on the plus box – did Tulisa let slip she knew one of the results of the weekly vote…- she went “I knew they were runner up… ohhh.” and then stopped herself… Interesting!

Olly predicts Misha B, Dermot predicts Misha B, Caroline predicted Craig.

OK everyone (probably about two viewers left), this is pettering out like a Little Mix “Winners Single” performance. So I will leave it there and do some analysis in the morning. It’s been a lot of fun, thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow with loads of bits and pieces…



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