FINAL – Crashing Cowell’s Car

I’m going to pump out anything left I’ve got to say over the next 36 hours. I think interest will wane very quickly, so I will just pump out a few more articles and that’ll be Betsfactor.

If you want any evidence of how the producers are still making elementary mistakes you need only look at the winners song. I was really really disappointed with the producers who just seem staggeringly hopeless at times. They have blown any possible chance of Little Mix getting Christmas number one (this is probably a good thing anyway), by screwing up one of the most important minutes of television.

When the winner sings the final song, at the key change they normally allow the rest of the contestants onto the stage to supposedly sing the rest of the song with them. This often leads to problems. Now, MAYBE, allowing a few finalists who made the tour to do this, with the threat that they would be kicked off it if they even touched the winning contestants, would be a gamble – but to allow Daz and HJ from Nu Vibe and some guy who came 16th to flood the stage is just utter utter madness.

I was very disappointed in that final moment, they well and truly screwed it up and it could so easily have been prevented. The expression on Gary and Louis’ face said it all.



It was a shambolic moment where 40 seconds of the backing track continues to play, none of them could sing even of they want to, because they’ve been mobbed by Sami and that one from the Risk who came in as a solo artist, got knocked out, came in again as a member of Nu Vibe and then got knocked out and then came in as a member of the Risk and got knocked out. It will have cost them 100k in record sales at least.

Why can’t these producers realise that that moment of television is crucial. Yes, if Alexandra nails it in front of her friends it’s amazing TV, but as a group they didn’t even need this. The girls were choking back tears as they realised they’d been made stars, did we get to see them as the song crescendoed? No, of course not. Why should the viewers get to see the moment of television they’ve expended cash and many hours on. This summed it up the entire series for me. Shambling from one week to another with elementary errors. They STILL haven’t learnt their lesson. The viewing figures for the final this year said it all.

They could have had the most emotional moment on TV as the girls on the verge of a nervous breakdown revel in the eletion of making it. But instead they **** it up. An utter utter dogs dinner that could so easily have been prevented.

Now, with that rant out of the way, the producers were also very clever this weekend! But like taking a driving test, you failed on one element, so you fail the test.

You crashed Cowell’s expensive car just when you got almost got it home.


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