FINAL – The Winners Single – Red and Black or….?

I 100% stand by my Red and Black theory. I am utterly convinced it’s correct. If it appears, and there are several “key indicators” then the contestant is being deliberately hindered.

I’d been saying during the week, that they tend to use blue and white lighting for the winners song (generally the same for each act).

But, who got blue….? And in a delicious twist – who got hints of Red and Black?!
Well that’s one way of looking at it.

Actually LM didn’t get red and blacked for the crucial part of the song (the bit they use on the Vote VT). By this point we had golden yellows and a hint of purple. Neither did they always have loads of red behind them when the camera picked up on them.  They had it for about a third of the song if you watch closely.

So what was actually going on. To me it’s as clear as night and day….

NIGHT. Dark. The World at Night. But NO STARS. Funny that.

And did you notice during our darkened scene, not a single star.

Funny how they disappeared in the final isn’t it….

DAY. A New dawn, the rising of a star. Bright sunrise.

It was a wonderful contradiction of Red and Black and Wishing on a Star all in one go.

But it was thought through!


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