FINAL – Tulisa’s Oratory

Have you done my survey yet?! 

The real star of this weekend’s final has been Tulisa. This was the weekend where she blossomed into a credible talent show judge. Firstly, her performance was very good with the Mixettes, she’s been good fun and happy to mix it up and say what she thinks…. And she cried when they won. BOOM! But her greatest moment this series, was “that” speech.

There was a stealy determination in Tulisa’s eyes on Sunday night. She gave one of the great speeches in reality TV history, indeed in UK history.

Stabbing her finger at the girls, with a stern, steely, sober, serious look on her face she looked out into the distance, leaning into her mic, her perfectly painted lips delivered something short, concise, relatable and powerful.

Girls, amazing. First of all I want to thank every one at home that picked up the phone and kept you in each week. But let me ask those people one thing… “why did you pick up the phone?” You picked up the phone because you wanted to get them through, you wanted to see them to get to the final and you wanted to them win this competition… so, those votes meant nothing unless you… pick..up… the phone….today, tonight right now – they need it, it’s the final – I’ll say it again THEY ARE NOT SAFE <crowd start whooping> VOTE FOR LITTLE MIX.

Seconds later a sponataneous “Little Mix Little Mix” chant erupted in the arena.

At the time I called it a Little Mix evangelical rally with a warm up guy in a pink suit whooping at the crowd to get them going. Seconds later there was more chanting near OllyMurs, and some people performed a hypnotic little mix rap.

What I loved about Tulisa is she’d thought about what she wanted to say; a half hearted attempt from Gary later on suggested he felt he needed to do something similar.

She was always wearing an expression that I would describe as “one tone below neutral” for Marcus’ performances, well aware that the camera would cut to her. Have a look here… the director allows it to linger just a second more than you normally would… (1m 35 in ish)

She’s also learnt the trick in her judging to focus on things like his smile or the fact he brought some festive spirit to the show, not on his voice, performance or talent. Later in the show, she put a facial experession on of almost disappointed grief and pain when she said words to the effect of “well, we’ve done all we can, it’s up to the public now.”

It was all very manipulative.

Which is exactly what they want.

Well done Tulisa – you were a star this weekend. I predict a bright future for you in this competition.


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  1. Oh please. That sort of clever speech from a 22 year old from Croydon? Script. Script. Script.

    Although probably not from the pages given to Gary Barlow.

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